The city has hired Greenberg Traurig and Peachtree Government Relations as lobbyists to represent it at the General Assembly as well as work on issues of economic development in such areas as Buford Highway.

Don Bolia of PGR and Tharon Johnson of Greenberg Traurig made a presentation to the council at the Jan. 22 retreat held at Greenberg Traurig’s office in Buckhead. The lobbyists are being paid $6,000 a month for six months and are believed to be the first lobbyists hired by the city.

Bolia is a member of the Brookhaven Zoning Board of Appeals and vice chair of the Decide DeKalb Development Authority.

Johnson is the government law and policy director at Greenberg Traurig and served as the National Southern Regional Director for the 2012 Obama For America campaign.

The lobbyists are also urging City Council members and staff members to serve on regional commissions and boards as well as meet regularly with DeKalb commissioners to build relationships to benefit the city in the long run.

Dyana Bagby

Dyana Bagby is a staff writer for Reporter Newspapers and Atlanta Intown.

4 replies on “Lobbyists hired to represent city of Brookhaven at General Assembly”

  1. I can’t believe a city hires lobbyists!!! In my mind lobbyists are far from what we need. They seem to require lots of money be paid to them to teach how to influence lots of people…lots of government people. $36,000 for what, a lesson in diplomacy?

  2. This is actually incestuous, and, half the Council may be different come November, so, you want them to join regional commissions and boards??? Based upon current events in Brookhaven, I’d presume the possibility of sweeping changes in Brookhaven’s Council are high.

  3. It truly is amazing how those who are outside of government are cost conscious about tax dollars, but when the same people become part of the government, they suddenly lose their ardor for controlling costs and overhead. Lobbyists? Seriously?

    Time for a change in the council. They seem to find a way to “justify” spending like drunken sailors (apologies to the Navy).

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