In his commentary “Why Trump order inspired my first political protest” (Reporter Newspapers, Feb. 3), Conor Sen wrote that “you never know where the next great business opportunity will come from, but there’s a good chance it’ll come from abroad.”

This is the very reason Trump was elected. Americans have given up on themselves. American companies continue to command the largest market caps in the world. Here in Atlanta we have our very own global brands: Coca-Cola, UPS, Home Depot, Delta, Lockheed Martin, Aflac, just to name a few. Great business started in America!

While I understand that this is an immigrant nation as well, let’s not forget the Americans who have called this land home for decades and generations, a.k.a., The Forgotten Middle.

Johnny Simpkins
President and CEO
Organnon Clothing LLC

2 replies on “Letter: Great business started in America”

  1. Obama lied about accomplishments under Islam and people laughed. No culture or place comes close to the innovation and creativity in America. The elite globalists lost; thank God.

  2. Mr Simpkins,

    Some would say “Americans have given up on themselves” is true and a big part of the problem. For decades now our transition into the digital age and along with the need for a different kind of worker has been discussed. That new worker needs to understand and be educated in new job skills. The writing has been not only on the wall but in big, bold, neon writing.
    Corporate American hasn’t been hands on working to fund and educate those very jobs they need. They’ve been very busy cutting workforces and establishing the State and Tax Payer as capital provider.
    While states have been handing out corporate tax breaks, paying now an average of 7-8% in States across the nation with not so much as a opt out for the States when those jobs don’t come as promised. Home Depot pays a retired executive full salary and bonuses for two years past retirement does what for our community?
    Many across this country saw that writing on the wall I mentioned and decided, beers with the guys at night, weekends fishing, a vacation on another credit card to be paid later wouldn’t get them that American dream. White privilege allowed them to continue on down the path of high school or ged was all that they needed with a union job securing their future or a local government job. I’d bet along the way they thought to themselves there might be a price for those types of decisions but went on doing nothing to continue to educated or broaden the horizons necessary to care for their family. Now they are feeling the pressure and wanting a bail out. The answer isn’t coal because that ship has sailed and sank.
    The future is new technology and it is here now. The future is Public Companies making a meaningful commitment to it’s workers in both compensation and education. Public companies using public dollars to make dividend payments and executive bonuses need to invest in their own future by investing in the education of it’s workers.
    When times get tough the tough get going. Some decided to pick up their boot straps and do the hard work to prepare for the future. Now it’s time for the forgotten middle to wake up and remember themselves. History repeats and the type of global transition occurring now occurred before as we transitioned into the industrial age. Expect this transition to be worse, no kidding, you only have to read and listen. This election was won by the loser of the popular vote by a total number of electoral votes less than the population of Sandy Springs.

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