The city of Brookhaven’s new website went live Dec. 13 and provides a sleeker, more interactive experience for users who to do find out everything from when the next City Council meeting is to filing an open records request to making a code enforcement complaint.

“One of the things we’re most excited about is the project map page where residents can check on the status of city projects, and narrow their searches down by department, division, project status, etc.,” said city spokesperson Ann Marie Quill.

“We cleaned up the menu items considerably, so the menu is less cluttered and users can find what they are looking for more quickly.

“Our new company is Municode/AHA Consulting, which also houses our ordinances online. That will make for a more seamless experience when users are searching through ordinances,” she said. “In the first quarter of next year, an online permitting system will also be implemented.

“The website is easier for staff to keep up to date as well, and it will be ever evolving – if a user still has trouble finding something we’d like to know so that we can rectify it,” Quill said.

The city in July awarded Municode/AHA Consulting a $45,000 contract to create a new website and for other development and hosting.

Dyana Bagby is a staff writer for Reporter Newspapers and Atlanta Intown.