U.S. Rep. Karen Handel (R-Ga.) is asking residents living in the 6th Congressional District for their input on what issues she should focus on in 2018.

In an email sent out Jan. 12 to constituents with the subject headline “2018 Issues Survey,” Handel states her team will be conducting an online district issues survey over the next month.

“During my brief time in Congress, we passed a historic tax reform package that will put more money back into YOUR pockets and increase job opportunities and economic growth,” her email states. “This is just the beginning, but to continue my work, I need to hear from you.”

The online survey, accessed by clicking here, asks for input on issues including the tax reform package; Medicare and Social Security reform; President Donald Trump’s 2-for-1 regulation order, requiring each new regulation to be followed by the removal of two existing regulations; Obamacare; the Veteran’s Administration; immigration and DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals); and the Wall along the Mexican border.

Handel faces re-election in November. Two Democrats, Bobby Kaple and Kevin Abel, have already announced they are vying for the seat. Jon Ossoff, who Handel defeated in a special election last year to replace Tom Price, has not announced if he is seeking the seat again, but he has moved to Brookhaven, which is in the 6th Congressional District.

Dyana Bagby is a staff writer for Reporter Newspapers and Atlanta Intown.

7 replies on “U.S. Rep. Karen Handel asking for constituent input on 2018 issues”

  1. *headdesk* *headdesk* *headdesk*

    Anyone with a lick of sense knows that Karen Handel- supporter of Donald Trump- doesn’t give a darn about country over party.

  2. It’s really a shame that the survey links to a site asking for political donations. They’ll probably only look at the ones from people who donated.

    1. I notice, as well,
      that having filled out and submitted Handel’s on-line survey,
      you receive a “enter email for verification” demand.

      What you receive is not “verification” but a beg-job for $$$.
      This is quite consistent with Handel’s character:
      – fundamentally dishonest
      – fundamentally manipulative
      – fundamentally deceptive
      – fundamentally lacking personal integrity.

      Case closed!

  3. Hey Karen…
    Start by
    a) telling the truth,
    b) putting Constitution above Scripture; and
    c) putting Country above Party.

    Once you develop Personal Integrity, and master these pesky challenges
    you may be entitled to ask us for legislative guidance.

    Until then,
    you merit no consideration; no regard; no respect; no cooperation.
    Case Closed!

  4. I’m a republican but I did not vote for Handel. It was clear to me her motives are not in my best interest but instead for a full time job at our expense.

  5. There needs to be some follow up reporting on this survey. Is she prioritizing donors’ perspectives over constituents? Is there a blurring of the lines between her campaign and her constituent outreach? Will email addresses collected in the context of a survey then be used to raise money? The ethics of this are troubling–including the journalistic ones of how the survey is presented in this article.

  6. I don’t know why this hasn’t sunk iin for many yet- but it’s pointless to try to reason with those- like Karen Handel- that support Donald Trump.

    Whether you donate or not- Handel is doing what Trump and the completely complicit GOP says.

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