I loved your recap of the alarm ordinance. (“False alarm battle brings public anger, confusion,” April 13.) It pretty much summed up the feelings we have about it and the main perspectives dominating discussions I have seen on neighborhood forums. I hope we find an answer that doesn’t feel like retaliation against businesses or a lack of consideration for citizens’ sense of safety.

I am glad you included the feedback from the industry that highlights how unique this is to the city in comparison to other municipalities around the U.S. A mom-and-pop alarm company owner that I respect shared how this affected his ability to provide services in our city, and it was very obvious in my conversation with him that this will hurt many of the wrong players in the industry while larger companies will come out ahead no matter what.

I appreciate your dedication to getting each side of the story. I respect the intention of the police chief and city, but feel homeowners who create the issues should be where the buck stops as long as they are treated fairly with a transparent appeals process.

Brooke Henze
Sandy Springs