Capt. Steve Rose of the Sandy Springs Police Department provided the following information from its records. The following incidents and arrests represent some, but not all, of the reports filed with Sandy Springs police between April 15 and May 5.

Capt. Steve Rose


8500 block of Roswell Road — On April 15, responding to an alarm call just after 3 a.m., officers found a bicycle outside the front door of a restaurant and a woman inside. The door window had been smashed. At first, the woman said she was the cleaning person, then said she was the wife of the owner and had keys but did not use them. The keys were tried and did not fit the door. She claimed she was not responsible for the broken glass on the door. The officers found food that had been taken from the kitchen, partially wrapped. The alarm key pad was dismantled by way of the wires pulled and the battery removed. The 41-year-old suspect was charged with burglary and taken to jail.

4900 block of Roswell Road— On April 20, responding to an alarm just after 4 a.m., officers found a shattered glass door to Sally’s Beauty Supply. The owner responded and said several electrical clippers were taken. Video showed two males, one wearing a black hoodie sweatsuit with a white stripe down both sleeves. The other wore a blue hoodie, jeans and blue shoes.

8700 block of Roswell Road — On April 20, at a bowling alley, the manager said he found the front doors pried open after he arrived at 5:45 a.m. The alarm company contacted him at 2:36 a.m. The ATM machine had been rocked back and forth until torn from the bolts holding it to the floor.

900 block of Johnson Ferry Road — On April 30, someone forced their way into a guard shack/office where two safes are stored. Neither safe was forced open nor money taken. The complainant said the suspect moved a camera next to the small office.

5700 block of Taylor Way—This is a new residential area and on May 1, several appliances were taken from several homes under construction. Some of the home were not secure. The report said there was no sign of forced entry. Taken were Whirlpool stoves and microwave ovens.

100 block of Northwood Drive — On May 1, the resident was gone from about 5:30 p.m. until just before 1 a.m. During that time, someone went into his apartment and took $100 in change, two watches at $100 each, and a MacBook, valued at $1,200.

600 block Mabry Road — On May 2, the complainant said he was gone from 9:30 a.m. until just after noon. He went to the half-bathroom in the garage area and noticed a broken window with blood on it. Someone used a softball-size rock to break the window. It appears the burglar left after a dog began to bark.


5900 block of Roswell Road — On April 18, a man reported that one of his employees robbed him at the time he was writing the employee a check for work done. He told officers that he deducted $100 from a $467 check due to expenses he incurred trying to wire the money to the employee. He called the employee and arranged to meet. During that time, the employee became angry over the $100 deduction and reached for something in his waistband. A weapon was not seen but rather implied. As the employer was writing the check, the employee snatched the checkbook and ran.

Well now, that wasn’t too bright. One phone call later, the check you snatched is no good and the others you stole are no better.


5500 block of Glenridge Drive — On April 16, a man reported his friend took and used his debit card. The friend was running errands for the victim who was laid up following knee surgery.

8300 block of Dunwoody Place — On April 16, a fired employee failed to return a company iPad after termination.

800 block of Mount Vernon Hwy — On April 16, a juvenile victim said his bookbag was taken from atop his school locker. The Patagonia bag is valued at $85. Inside the bag was a MacBook Air and as well as other items.

100 block of Spalding Creek Court — On April 16, the he victim told officers that jewelry had been stolen from their home. She said family members were staying with them due to a death in the family. When they left, she discovered the jewelry missing from her purse.

5600 block of Kingsport Drive — On April 16, the victim reported a motorcycle trailer was stolen. It is black and had a Harley-Davidson logo on it.

5500 block of Kingsport Drive — On April 16, the resident reported shoes that were ordered online were stolen after they were delivered to her home during her absence.

Dunwoody Springs Drive — On April 17, the complainant said his employee finished an assigned job and requested to be paid in cash for a $700 job. The payment should have been made to the company. A second job was done in cash for $800. To no one’s surprise, the suspect isn’t returning calls to his now ex-employer.

1900 block Treelodge Pkwy — On April 18, a motor vehicle theft was reported.

100 block of Northwood Drive — On April 18, the caller said her 2011 Kia Sorrento was taken from the parking lot where she left it before going out with friends.

1100 block of Mount. Vernon Highway — On April 20, a caller said between 8 and 9 p.m., someone entered his gym locker and took his car keys. He said if the suspect was found, he would not want to press charges.

Meaning we wasted our time responding to the call. I vote this man go to man camp to learn to step up!

6300 block of Peachtree-Dunwoody Road — On April 28, patrol officers spotted a car in the parking lot of a restaurant. The tag showed the car stolen from Gwinnett County on March 3. It was not occupied. The car was impounded for Gwinnett PD to take possession.

400 block of Morgan Falls Road — On April 28, the complainant said she is a volunteer at a recycling center. She placed her purse on the bench in front of the office area while she volunteered. Sometime between 4 and 4:30 p.m., someone took the wallet from the purse. Others at the center said a male named Nicholas asked about the wallet earlier and they believe he took it.

8200 block of Roberts Drive — On April 30, an employee of a company resigned and then refused to return equipment, including a Dell computer, two monitors, keyboard and desk phone. The complainant said the ex-employee said she‘d return the items when “pay issues” are worked out.

7800 block of Roswell Road — On May 3, a customer at a restaurant ordered the Rancho Grande Burrito, small cheese dip and two 12-ounce Margaritas. He then consumed them and refused to pay the $29 tab. The customer intoxicated. He was asked to pay, he babbled something, and then babbled it again, and then went to jail. I’m guessing that jail is where you don’t want to be when the Rancho Grande Burrito comes back to haunt you.

8700 block of Dunwoody Place — On April 30, a caller said he works for Allstate Roadside Assistance and was at the Citgo on Dunwoody Place, helping another motorist when his car was stolen. The car, a gray Dodge Charger, was left running and on the other side of the parking lot. Two or three suspects in another Charger, silver in color, drove by. A short time later, two young looking males exited that car and stole the victim’s Charger. The victim threw a lug nut, breaking the driver’s window. The car left north on Roswell Road and into City of Roswell. The victim’s phone was tracked to the Riverside Road, where K-9 officers found it near a church. The car and suspects remain at large.

3100 block of River Exchange Drive — On May 1, a caller said his former roommate took a 65-inch TV, Apple Desktop Computer, HP Laptop, PS4, and a TV wall mount. He said the ex-roommate and a female were leaving the apartment as he was driving up. He said the suspect and he were in a previous nine-year relationship. While the officer was at the location, the suspect called the victim’s phone and said “he got what he deserved” and he was going to sell the items.

4000 block of Spring Creek Lane — On May 2, the caller said she parked the car around 11:30 p.m. and left. She returned about four hours later to discover the car was missing.

5600 block of New Northside Drive— On May 2, the caller said he parked his truck at the worksite around 8:30 a.m. until the afternoon when he discovered it missing. No clues at this point.

Thefts from Vehicles

Between April 15 and April 21, 16 thefts from vehicles were reported. Between April 29 and May 5, nine thefts from vehicles were reported.


1100 block of Perimeter Center West — On April 16, a caller said a company check for just over $28,000 was mailed but intercepted and deposited to an account at the Georgia’s Own Credit Union at 1117 Perimeter Center West. The name on the check had been changed to another name prior to the deposit. The detectives are researching the revised name on the check and looking at bank video.

In most cases, this is an act of desperation given that the check was intercepted almost at the place where it left the office. Bank video will give the detectives a good look and comparison with the depositor’s information on the check. I figure there is an arrest on the horizon.

100 block of Spalding Drive — On April 16, the 86-year-old victim received a call that her grandson had been arrested in Florida. She could secure his release if she paid $4,000 in Walmart gift cards, paying over the phone. She complied, sending $1,000, confirming the money was taken. The following day, she received another call requesting additional funds and then she became suspicious and confirmed her grandson was not arrested in Florida.

How many times have you read this scenario? It is sad, but the clues are screaming at the victim. Key words: gift card!

6000 block of Roswell Road — On April 17, the caller, an employee of Signature Bank, reported someone attempted to open an account using a deceased person’s name and info. A second deceased person’s name was used in another attempt. Both deceased were from the Fayetteville area.

200 block of Marsh Trail Circle — On April 17, the victim said he is moving to Ohio and placed an ad on the website looking for a roommate in Ohio. He received a response from a man who said he was an auditor from Hawaii. He sent a check to the victim for $5,000. The victim then wired $4,670 for reasons the report didn’t go into, and found later that the $5,000 check was fake. He was out the funds and his account frozen due to the fraudulent activity.

Here is the way not to be taken in this manner. Always wait until the check clears the bank. There is no rush!

7000 block of Landowne Drive — On April 17, a caller said he used a taxi from the airport to travel home and paid with his AMEX corporate card. He discovered a second charge ($70) on the same card with the same transaction number, used at an Amoco in College Park.

4700 block Treelodge Parkway — On April 17, a caller said that, upon checking his credit history, he found a 2014 account with the Art Institute of Atlanta that was fraudulent.


6100 block of Roswell Road — On April 15, officers responded to a call of a reckless driver. A radio update noted the driver was being chased by another who was brandishing a gun. Officers caught up on Glenridge near Esfun Trace and spoke to the victim, who said the perp was her husband. She had come here from Alabama to “elude” him. However, he found her, and thus the confrontation. At one point, she said, the husband pointed a gun at her and her male passenger, saying, “I’m going to kill you all.” Warrants were later issued for the husband.

8200 block of Roberts Drive — On April 20, a caller said that just before 4 p.m., he was walking to his truck when he saw two persons attempting to pry open a car door. The complainant yelled at the two men, described as young males, who got into an SUV. The complainant took a position behind the suspect’s truck to obtain a photo from his phone, prompting the suspect driver to exit and point a gun at the complainant, who then dove out of the way as the perps left the lot. Officers determined two cars had been broken into. The complainant suffered minor abrasions to his palms. The suspects are described as around 18-20 years old, about 5-feet-8-inches tall and about 140-150 pounds. The driver wore a black T-shirt and the passenger a blue hoodie covering his face.

200 block of Northwood Drive — On April 30, the 61-year-old victim said he was involved in an argument with a woman earlier in the day. That evening, he went to a nightclub on Northwood Drive. As he exited the club, the woman confronted him verbally, and then hit him in the face with a bottle, causing the bottle to shatter. With the broken bottle, she then jabbed him in the face, causing some serious cuts. The woman then fled. The victim was taken to Northside Hospital. A warrant was obtained and the woman was arrested a short time later.

500 block of Granite Ridge Place — On May 2, officers were called to the residence just before midnight regarding an armed person with a machete. They found the suspect, and later the machete, and began asking questions. The suspect said his roommate was behind on rent and this began an argument. The suspect apparently left the room but returned, swinging the machete and demanding others in the room to leave. The suspect was later arrested.


Detectives arrested a woman who reported her Mercedes stolen on February 17. She provided a title and Alabama ID which, upon confirmation, was different than her Georgia ID. She provided an address that did not exist. She was later arrested for providing false information to the cops.

Officers conducted a follow-up in the 7400 block of Old Maine Trail, on information received through Crime Stoppers Atlanta. The result was a confiscation of just over 900 grams of marijuana, over 40 different types of TCH products, six guns and $5,800 cash. The resident was arrested on felony drug charges.

200 block of Northwood Drive — April 15, loitering and prowling

5600 block of Roswell Road — April 16, narcotics

5500 block of Roswell Road — April 16, shoplifting

500 block of Northridge Road — April 17, narcotics

5500 block of Roswell Road — April 18, shoplifting

8000 block of Adair Lane — April 19, disorderly under the influence

Peachtree-Dunwoody Road/ Marsh Trail Circle — April 20, loitering and prowling

5200 block of Roswell Road — April 28, DUI

8300 block of Roswell Road — April 28, Drugs

5500 block of Roswell Road — April 28, shoplifting

300 block of Hammond Drive — April 28, Drugs

8700 block of Roswell Road — April 28, shoplifting

5700 block of Roswell Road — April 28, theft by taking

5600 block of Roswell Road — April 29, DUI

1100 block of Mount Vernon Highway — April 29, indecent exposure

5500 block of Roswell Road — April 29, shoplifting

1700 block of Summit Place — April 30, simple battery

7800 block of Roswell Road — April 30, theft of services

600 block of Willow Creek Drive — May 1, simple battery

Northwood Drive — May 1, aggravated assault

5700 block of Roswell Road — May 1, drugs with intent to sell

500 block of Granite Ridge Place — May 2, aggravated assault

200 block of Sandy Springs Place — May 2, panhandling

I-285/Ga. 400 — May 2, suspended drivers license

Other Incidents

Heards Overlook Court — On April 17, a caller said she is looking after the home while the residents are away. She told officers that when she last left the home, she closed the garage door but could not confirm that it closed. She did confirm it was not locked. Two days later she returned just after noon, and found the door open. Upon entering the home, she saw a man standing on the back porch. From her angle, she could not see the man’s face. She retreated to the car and called police. It appeared nothing was taken nor any forced entry made to the doors or windows.

5500 block of Roswell Road — On April 29, a 44-year-old woman and her 7-year-old daughter reported they were at the Prado parking deck and took the elevator from the bottom floor, intending to go to the top floor of the parking deck. Once inside, the elevator started up but then immediately dropped down. The woman did not know how far it dropped but told officers that they wanted to go to the hospital with lower back pain.