Buckhead public schools started the school year with new trauma kits donated by the Buckhead Coalition.

Each kit contains gauze, a tourniquet, wound dressing and a pair of gloves.

Buckhead Coalition President Sam Massell displays the trauma kits donated to Buckhead public schools. (Special)

The school packs, containing five kits each, are being offered free of charge to the principals of the eight public schools in Buckhead. The packs are designed to hang on the wall next to the standard first aid shelf.

The Buckhead Coalition, a nonprofit civic group, previously donated similar kits to the Atlanta Police Department.

“It was after learning of the inordinate number of public safety personnel dying from loss of blood when wounded in the line of duty that this nonprofit civic group arranged for front-line police to carry these kits specially designed for assistance in blood containment,” the coalition said in a press release.