While a walk on the beach may not be possible in Atlanta, there’s a new spa that brings the healing and calming benefits of the salty air to Grant Park.

Six thousand pounds of Himalayan salt – found in bricks, stones, coarse salt and mists – are incorporated into the decor at Intown Salt Room on Memorial Drive. The spa is the first stand-alone facility inside the Perimeter to offer both dry salt therapy (halotherapy) and sound therapy.

Owner Carrie Wright decided to open Intown Salt Room after seeking a place to simply sit and breathe. After discovering dry salt therapy, she knew others would want to experience it as well.

“The dry salt therapy in the breathing room is calming. I wanted to create a place for anyone to unplug and help with the stress of life, and that’s what attracted me to salt rooms and dry salt therapy years ago,” Wright said. “It’s not only calming, but if you are seeking a natural treatment, it’s available. Everyone is here for their own purpose.”

The “Just Breathe” room has a halogenerator that diffuses a precise dry salt aerosol into the space. With deep breathing, the dry salt aids in opening and expanding airways and allows for more oxygen to replenish the body. The therapy is also used to alleviate stress, anxiety and fatigue, reduce snoring and sleeping problems, help with overall skin health and skin conditions, such as acne and psoriasis, and improve allergies, asthma and sinus infections.

Everyone experiences dry salt therapy in a different way. Some lay back in the zero gravity lounge chairs, while others prefer to sit up to sink their feet into the coarse salt. Some will fall asleep, which is a form of relaxation, while others can brainstorm creative thoughts.

As soon as I settled into the dry salt room, I closed my eyes to block out all distractions. I found that it was helpful to gaze at the artfully stacked wall of salt bricks. Having something to focus on aided in my meditation as I looked for patterns in the spectrum of colors – from cream and pink to amber and caramel.

Even with years of mindfulness meditation, Wright admitted she must warm up to each session just like everyone else. “It takes me a while to calm my mind and not hear everything in my head,” she commented. “Sound therapy allows you to hear something else, not to distract, but to help quiet your mind.”

During the first few minutes of meditating in the “Be Still” room, my thoughts were filled with a chattering inner dialogue. But as I listened to the music, my mind fell into step with the tempo of peaceful melodies. I started to think with a big picture mindset and I benefited from mental clarity. When the music turned to chanting, I couldn’t help but hum harmonizing tones to deepen my breathing. Feeling the sound vibrations in my body calmed my mind even further.

Wright was not surprised to hear I found the beauty of the salt colors comforting and the sound therapy to be soothing. “I want to be able to think on something and really focus on it for either creative thought or to problem solve,” Wright agreed. “Allowing someone to change their scenery to think through an idea or thought, that is one of the purposes of Intown Salt Room.”

Sessions for both rooms are available in 30-minute increments. A “Just Breathe” session in the private salt room is $40, and “Be Still” session in the meditation room with sound therapy is $25.

For more information or to schedule an appointment, visit intownsaltroom.com.