The following crime information is provided via the Sandy Springs Week in Review Report for the week ending March 22.

North District Crime: The unit reported seven entering-autos incidents with an arrest made after one incident at the Sandy Springs Tennis Center. Forsyth County Sheriff’s Office located the suspects and arrested them after a brief pursuit. Two burglaries were also reported at apartment communities.

South District Crime: The unit reported nine entering-auto incidents in the South District. Purses, bags, wallets and license plates were among the items taken. There was one burglary reported in the 1100 block of Hammond Drive — the package room of an apartment complex was forced open, but nothing was reported stolen.

Street Crimes Unit (SCU): The unit reported nine felony arrests, two misdemeanor arrests and three city arrests. The unit conducted 28 traffic stops, issued 14 citations and located three wanted persons. The unit made two field contacts, investigated eight suspicious persons, and conducted three vehicle searches. The unit worked four drug complaints, conducted 15 surveillance hours and five knock-and-talks. Six arrest warrants were issued, one case cleared and one case assigned.

Traffic Unit: The unit reported eight misdemeanor arrests, conducted 108 traffic stops, and issued 141 citations. The unit made three DUI arrests and four traffic arrests.

K-9 Unit: The unit reported one city arrest, conducted 20 traffic stops, and issued 21 traffic citations. The unit made 15 K-9 searches, worked 32 drug complaints, conducted 31 knock-and-talks, and issued five search warrants. The unit seized 1 gram of cocaine, 0.25 grams of heroin, 52 THC vape pens, one gun and $200,000 in cash. A knock-and-talk in the 1100 block of Hammond Drive resulted in two drug arrests and seizure of one concealed handgun.

Criminal Investigations Division:

Person Shot: On Cedar Run, the victim heard an argument outside of his door and while he was looking through the peephole, he was shot in the lower right leg. A person of interest was identified and interviewed. The suspect claimed someone broke into his apartment and he was protecting himself. Following additional interviews with the suspect’s girlfriend and victim, CID is seeking charges against the suspect.


5600 block of Roswell Road — Unknown suspects entered a maintenance storage shed and stole a washer and dryer. There is no video, and no serial numbers were available for the washer and dryer.

Hammond Drive — The package room an apartment complex was forced open with an unknown tool. The package room is in a secure location accessible only to key fob holders. A suspect was identified and warrants are pending. Apartment management is investigating how the suspect entered the secure location.

Robbery – Strong Arm:

Roswell Road — Police responded to the report of a robbery at a gas station. The suspect purchased a pack of cigars using cash and then attempted to cash a lottery ticket, telling the clerk to “leave the drawer open, and give me the cash.” The subject fled the scene when the clerk hid under the counter and called 911. The subject is described as 6-feet-2-inches tall, wearing a black knit hat and a green-and-silver, longsleeve shirt. CID is attempting to obtain video footage of the incident.

Motor Vehicle Theft: Roswell Road — The Illinois State Police later recovered a vehicle stolen from the Citgo gas station in Sandy Springs. A suspect was inside the vehicle.

Theft of Service:

Barfield Road — The suspect obtained $3,950 of cosmetic services from the cosmetic center and failed to pay for the services. The suspect refused to cooperate with the business to pay debts or to answer requests. An arrest warrant was obtained.

Calaveras Drive — The victim said her jewelry box containing $11,700 worth of jewelry was missing after the company she hired completed the move.

Terroristic Threats: Dunwoody Place — A female called a business and threatened harm. A search warrant revealed the number used to call in the threat was sold to another carrier.

Simple Battery: Roswell Road — The victim reported being struck in the head at the hookah bar by an individual whom he has seen previously in the area. The investigation continues.

Forgery: Roswell Road — Detectives are investigating a case in which the victim found a fraudulent check to be written from his account at a bank. Criminal warrants are forthcoming pending additional information from the victim.

Damage to Property:

Ga. 400/Northridge Road — A citizen was driving on the freeway, and the driver of another vehicle threw something from the window, damaging the victim’s windshield. The victim obtained a tag number, and CID was able to identify a suspect. The suspect paid for damage to the victim’s car.

Roswell Road: A group of suspects broke into multiple storage units throughout a storage business. At this time, nothing was reported stolen by any of the storage tenants. Management is still attempting to contact all tenants affected.