Ecuadorian musician Willie Ziavino will perform at Red Light Cafe on Friday night, May 24, as part of Atlanta’s first ever monthly cultural exchange event featuring top international artists based in Georgia. Ziavino and his band COT (Circle of Trust) are regular performers at Eclipse di Luna.
Ziavino was inspired by his father, a professional trumpet player, and the music he played as part of a Latin orchestra. He was also inspired by trova from Cuba, Brazilian music and jazz. He especially loves Cuban music and lived in Cuba for three years. He says, “Cuban music was in my house since I was 13. Every song is a poem. Trova is the country music of Cuba where poems become stories.”
Ziavino says he doesn’t write songs when he is happy. “When someone broke my heart, when I almost got killed in an accident and tried to come back to normal, making music was a way for me to scream without making too much noise,” he says. Ziavino adds that sometimes songwriters are good liars. They write about things that happen to other people and a lot of songs are written to give fresh meanings to universal experiences.
He has been working with his band COT for the past ten years. His musical partner in the band is Juan Bonini from Panama. They work with other musicians creating fresh arrangements of their own songs plus jazz, funk and Latin standards. Each musician adds his own flavor the musical arrangements. Ziavino says, “you cannot wear the same dresses every night.” Guitar, drums, keyboards and brass all contribute to the sound.
For tickets, visit this link.