A house at 1221 Kendrick Road will be torn down to make way for two new residences after the Brookhaven City Council approved a rezoning application at its Jan. 28 meeting.

The applicant, Donald Neustadt, is a builder who has lived behind directly behind the roughly half-acre property for 32 years. “It’s a really, really old rental property that is way past its lifetime and I just want to do a lot division so I can build two single-family homes,” he told councilmembers.

In a letter of intent received by the council on Nov. 6, Neustadt wrote, “This will allow for the addition of one single-family home to be constructed and the removal of, and replacement of an existing single-family home that is in very poor condition …This request is in keeping with the same developmental trends that have taken place over the last 15 years.”

“It’s good for the neighbors and it’s going to be an asset for the city of Brookhaven, and I support the project,” John Carr, Neustadt’s neighbor and a retired contractor. Another local resident, John Krnić, backed the plan as well.

Councilmember Madeleine Simmons District 3 said the city Planning Commission on Jan. 8 had approved supporting the application after raising a potential storm water issue. “It is my understanding there’s going to be a 6-inch granite curb added to this property to improve the storm water (flow) in the area, and that’s always good for neighbors to hear.”

Patrice Ruffin, the city’s community development director, said in an email there had been no one opposed to the plan present at either of the two meetings.

After a unanimous vote by the council, Neustadt said he wants to start on the venture as soon as possible. “I’m elated we’re going to demolish this old structure and bring two new families to Brookhaven.”

Kevin C. Madigan

Kevin C. Madigan is a freelance journalist based in metro Atlanta.