Sandy Springs wants residents to help design possible mixed-use redevelopment of four North End shopping centers along Roswell Road through an online interactive survey.

From June 1 through 19, residents can visit the online design activity survey to help design conceptual master plans for the four locations. After watching an 11-and-a-half-minute instructional video, participants are asked to complete the four activities in the survey.

Sandy Springs City Council set redevelopment of aging shopping centers and apartment complexes as a priority in February 2018.

The design activity follows a March 5 public input meeting as part of the process to create a design for redevelopment. The properties all remain privately owned and the designs are just conceptual. The designs are intended to present concepts to spur developers into what the city envisions as better uses of the properties.

Public feedback from the March 5 meeting helped set goals and principles for the North End, which the city said are to:

  •       Ensure a variety of housing options to accommodate all types of residences.
  •       Attract and support local small businesses in the North End.
  •       Improve multimodal connectivity throughout the North End, starting with the four sites and Roswell Road.
  •       Model how mixed-use (retail, office, housing, and institutional uses, and green space) environments can work in Sandy Springs.
  •       Build upon existing green spaces and parks to create a cohesive public space network.

Sandy Springs Together, a group formed out of concerns that the city’s plans may lead to gentrification and displacement, has called for an affordable housing study prior to redevelopment designs.

The shopping centers include:

Former Loehmann’s Plaza, 8610 Roswell Road

The former Loehmann’s Plaza has three access points, but no frontage on Roswell Road and three buildings with businesses between the shopping center and the road. A single-family neighborhood sits behind the 13-acre property.

Northridge Shopping Center, 8331 Roswell Road

The Northridge Shopping Center has frontage and access on Roswell Road. It also has access via Northridge Road, but no frontage with it. A multifamily development and offices border the 11-acre shopping center. The Safeway Group bought the property in February 2019 for $8.3 million. Its CEO stated they were seeking new tenants to replace a former Kroger store.

North River Village Shopping Center, 8765 Roswell Road

North River Village recently was renovated. It has four access points and frontage on Roswell Road. A multifamily community sits behind the 13-acre shopping center.

North Springs Shopping Center, 7330 Roswell Road

Formerly anchored by a Big Lots store, this shopping center sits 90% vacant with a redevelopment long-stalled. It has four Roswell Road curb cuts and access via Dalrymple Road. A single-family neighborhood is behind the 9-acre property.

Bob Pepalis covers Sandy Springs for Rough Draft Atlanta and Reporter Newspapers.