Andrea Johnson

Andrea Johnson.

Occupation: payroll and tax compliance

Other community service experience: I am active as a cantor at All Saints Catholic Church and help address the needs of the poor as a caseworker with the St. Vincent de Paul Society. Over the past six years, I have served as Membership Chair for the North DeKalb Republican Women, Secretary of the DeKalb Young Republicans, Precinct Captain, active member of the DeKalb Republican party and lifetime member of the Georgia Republican Assembly.

What is motivating you to run for this office?

I live in Dunwoody, The city was formed 12 years ago to remove itself from the unbridled DeKalb County tax practices and to maintain a strong family-friendly environment. I aim to make sure Dunwoody remains the best place to raise a family, own a business, and live a great life.

What is the biggest issue facing the district and how will you address it?

The continued establishment of high-density developments that threaten to add more students to our already severely overburdened schools and roads will harm our community. The 79th state House district has an excellent quality of life that risks being tarnished by decisions such as these made by self-interested politicians.

Why should voters choose you instead of the incumbent?

Democrat politicians want to fix the coronavirus crisis — by raising our taxes! Georgia House Democrats want to raise your taxes for their social experiments at a time when many of us just cannot afford any tax increases. My opponent’s voting record shows he votes with his Democrat house members most of the time. As your representative, I will stand up against ridiculous, self-serving legislation that aims to increase government spending, and your taxes, district-wide.

What would be your policy priority in addressing the COVID-19 pandemic?

Businesses and employees are suffering greatly during this time. It is highly important to keep taxes low on all citizens and businesses to ensure that the economy recovers so that people can live prosperous and happy lives.

What state law changes, if any, should follow as a result of this year’s protests about racism and police brutality?

Cowardly politicians would rather scapegoat police and allow criminals to be in charge than fix the no-knock warrant and use-of-force laws that create this toxic environment. As your representative, I will introduce legislation that will ensure that the rights of Georgia citizens, as well as the rights of law enforcement personnel performing their vital and lawful duties, are kept sacred and protected.

What is an under-the-radar issue that needs more attention in the next legislative session?

Many politicians only care about passing laws that help them get donations for re-election and pad their own pockets, while putting on a public show of caring about the people. For example, my opponent voted against a salary decrease for politicians (including himself!). I will communicate with you about this toxic environment, and work to fix it through openness, transparency and public accountability.

John Ruch is an Atlanta-based journalist. Previously, he was Managing Editor of Reporter Newspapers.