Sandy Springs plans to demolish houses on 11 properties bought for its Hammond Drive widening project, with City Council expected to vote Oct. 6 on a bid for $185,650 by Complete Demolition Services.

The work would include removing asbestos-containing materials in the houses. House sites would be backfilled and the lots graded and planted with grass.

This Hammond Drive widening concept map includes the 11 parcels whose homes the Sandy Springs City Council plans to demolish between Glendridge Drive and Boylston Drive

Limited impacts to traffic and the neighborhood are anticipated, according to Deputy City Manager David Wells’ report for City Council.

The 11 residential properties included in the demolition contract included:

  •       360 Hammond Drive
  •       390 Hammond Drive
  •       446 Hammond Drive
  •       524 Hammond Drive
  •       600 Hammond Drive
  •       630 Hammond Drive
  •       640 Hammond Drive
  •       660 Hammond Drive
  •       6038 Harleston Road
  •       6017 Kayron Drive
  •       6020 Glenridge Drive

The contract with Complete Demolition Services is for five years, starting with a base year and four automatic renewals unless the council takes action to terminate the contract. During the contract time, the city could add additional properties once the first 11 are demolished.

The proposed 1.1 mile widening project, estimated to cost $60 million to $63 million, is in a 12- to 18-month design phase after approval by City Council on June 16. Of that amount, $45 million in funding still is needed. Approximately $9 million already has been spent on 26 houses, mostly on property that owners sought to sell. Police officers currently live in some of the houses in a city pilot program for affordable housing. Up to 80 properties could be impacted by the widening project, including commercial businesses near its intersection with Roswell Road.

Residents can attend the meeting virtually through the city’s Facebook page.

Bob Pepalis covers Sandy Springs for Rough Draft Atlanta and Reporter Newspapers.