Adolfo Robledo

The Atlanta Police Department has arrested two street racers involved in an Oct. 18 incident on Northside Drive.

The two arrested – Adolfo Robledo, 21, and Kristopher Repka, age not given – were part of a group of six men being sought buy police

According to the police report, officers responded to reports of vehicles and pedestrians blocking Northside Drive near I-75 while multiple vehicles engaged in street racing activity.

Responding officers were hampered by vehicles and pedestrians deliberately blocking their way. As officers attempted to reach the scene, someone in the crowd threw fireworks at them.

Most of the individuals involved in the illegal activity were able to flee the area before additional officers arrived on scene.

Kristopher Repka

Repka was apprehended in Douglas County and returned to Atlanta on Nov. 2 to answer to his charges.

Robledo, a known organizer of illegal street racing events, was identified as the individual who threw fireworks at responding officers. Warrants  were secured for Robledo for felony obstruction and prohibited use of fireworks. On Nov. 17, investigators went to several locations where Robledo has ties. While Robledo was not at these locations, investigators spoke with family members and were contacted by Robledo soon after. He advised he was in Ellenwood and investigators met him there, taking him into custody without incident. Robledo transported to the Fulton County jail to answer to his charges

“It is shameful and embarrassing to see these two act in such a manner to protect those engaged in reckless driving, tainting the image of law abiding automotive enthusiasts everywhere,” APD Public Affairs Officer Sgt. John Chafee said in a statement. “We are pleased Repka and Robledo are in custody and we will continue our efforts to hold accountable those who choose to engage in this unwelcome and reckless behavior.”

The street racing suspects sough by APD.