COVID-19 diagnoses in Brookhaven and Dunwoody’s main ZIP codes have risen about 72 cases in six days, according to a DeKalb County Board of Health case tracker.

The local ZIP code diagnoses were estimated at 2,348 cases as of the Nov. 29 report, up from about 2,276 on Nov. 24.

Reports in Dunwoody’s 30338 ZIP code increased from at least 840 confirmed cases of the infectious virus to approximately 865 diagnoses. The tally in Dunwoody’s other main ZIP code, 30346, went up by 7 people.

Brookhaven’s main 30319 ZIP code had about 1,240 cases, up 40 since Nov. 24.

The county does not track which ZIP codes had COVID-19 deaths, but as of Nov. 29, DeKalb County has reported 25,939 cases of 2019 COVID-19 and 436 deaths.

Among all DeKalb County positive cases, 10.0% were hospitalized and 1.7% have died.

ZIP codes do not exactly match city boundaries and, in particular, the Executive Park and LaVista Road parts of Brookhaven overlap with ZIP codes in other areas.

In addition, the data may not be completely accurate because of the amount of cases with unknown ZIP codes, which was 225. Board of health “data cleaning,” where the cases are updated with correct addresses, may cause some shifts in the numbers as the county updates the information.

DeKalb has the fourth-most cases by county in the Atlanta metro area, according to the Georgia Department of Public Health. It trails Fulton County by about 13,134 cases, Gwinnett County by about 12,172 cases and Cobb County by about 2,428 cases.

The following are the counts by ZIP code as of Nov. 29 and changes since Nov. 24:

Brookhaven ZIP code

30319: 1,240 (up 40)

Dunwoody ZIP codes

30338: 865 (up 25)

30346: 203 (up 7)

Holly R. Price is a freelance writer based in metro Atlanta.