If you’re looking for a new book to read by the pool or take on your long-delayed vacation, these six titles by local authors will keep you turning pages all summer long. Whether you’re looking for fiction or non-fiction, there’s something for everyone in this eclectic stack.

While Justice Sleeps

Stacey Abrams
Stacey Abrams is not only a political powerhouse, but also a New York Times bestselling novelist. In her latest book, a young law clerk, Avery Keene, is made the legal guardian of a Supreme Court justice after he slips into a coma. Keene discovers the judge was secretly researching the merger of an American biotech company and an Indian genetics firm that could dramatically change the field of medicine. Since this is a political thriller, there’s also a related conspiracy at the highest levels of power in Washington.

Mother May I
Joshilyn Jackson
(William Morrow)
Decatur-based novelist Joshilyn Jackson’s new book is a thriller set in rural Georgia about a new mother, Bree Cabbat, who thinks she’s being haunted by a ghostly old woman. When her newborn disappears, a note warns her not to contact the police or she’ll never see her son again. When the old woman reappears, she tells Bree that she must complete one small task to get her baby back. But that small task could have devastating consequences to Bree’s family.

Chronicling Stankonia: The Rise of the Hip-Hop South
Dr. Regina N. Bradley
(University of North Carolina Press)
The music of Outkast is the foundation for this non-fiction book that looks deeply into how hip-hop culture influenced the music, literature, film, and a generation of Black creatives that grew up in the South in the 1980s and ‘90s. Dr. Bradly is an assistant professor of English and African diaspora at Kennesaw State University.

A Wealthy Man on the Roof of the World and Other Stories
Sally Sears
(Good Water Press)
The award-winning Atlanta news reporter and founding member of the South Fork Conservancy has written a travel memoir that takes readers around the world –- from Moscow to Tibet and Tahiti to Kathmandu. Sears writes about what she learned along the way – including how cannibals measure their meals in Fiji and how voter fraud toppled the Knights of the British Empire – and the people she met that she cannot forget.

The Parted Earth
Anjali Enjeti
(Hub City Press)
Set in 1947 at the creation of Pakistan and in 2007 in Atlanta, Enjeti’s novel begins with a family tragedy that forces 16-year-old Deepa to leave India behind forever. Flashforward 60 years to Atlanta, and Deepa’s granddaughter Shan begins a search for estranged grandmother and discovers just how little she knows about her family and the women who were shattered by Partition.

Nightcall: Poems
Andrea Jurjevi
(Willow Springs Books)
Jurjevi?’s debut collection, “Small Crimes,” won the 2015 Philip Levine Poetry Prize. Her long-awaited second collection, which was selected for the ACME Poem Company Surrealist Poetry Series, is full of erotic, contemplative work.

Jacob Nguyen

Jacob Nguyen is a freelance writer and photographer in Atlanta.