Tyler-Simone Molton of Lesibu Grand

🛵 Tyler-Simone Molton is the lead singer and co-songwriter of the Atlanta band Lesibu Grand. Tyler and the band essentially came of age during the COVID-era, when performing live was risky and nearly impossible, so the group started focusing its resources and energy into creating music videos and colorfully staged live streams.

This, of course, requires a keen eye for the right costumes, on which Tyler-Simone prides herself.

Below are her Top 5 places to shop for music video outfits in Atlanta:
1. Psycho Sisters:  This spot in Little Five Points is one of the best places to get looks for practically any decade. My goth-look from our music video, “Jennifer My Girl,” came from Psycho Sisters. My favorite things about this place are the accessories! They will have you blinged out in that place; it’s definitely a go-to! See link to video below.

2. The Clothing Warehouse:  This shop in the heart of L5P has a lot of western and vintage vibes. When I go here it’s like I’m a little girl trying on my mom’s dresses! It’s got the best dresses in town, and it’s where I found the Victorian-inspired dress I wore for our Tiny Desk Contest submission for “Hot Glue Gun.”

3. Costumes Etc: This is where all the pros go (or at least they should). A true professional grade wardrobe and costume house off Cheshire Bridge Rd. that has some of the most extravagant and exotic costumes in town for rent or often for sale.  Full sets of stormtrooper armor, medieval wench dresses, and classic superhero outfits can be found here. My partner John “Hutch” Renaud and I found our matching space outfits (my favorite look of all our videos) and also our mid-century looks used in the “Miranda” video at Costumes Etc. back in 2019.

4. Junkman’s Daughter: This place is super popular, and there’s a reason why. I usually shop here to get reasonably priced, brightly colored wigs and outfits when I’m trying to be a bit more rock ‘n’ roll and less glamorous. You’ll notice some items from here in the music videos for “Runnin’ Round” and “WFS,” where I sport some cool wigs and in the “Jennifer My Girl” video where I sport some killer yellow plaid pants.

5. Buffalo Exchange:  If you love thrifting, then this is the spot to check out! They have a great selection of styles and price points, and they will also exchange clothes that you might not get use of for store credit (or cash in some cases!). This spot is where I found my cute, floral dress I wore as the truth-saw-wielding teacher in the “WFS” music video.

Lesibu Grand plays The Star Bar on Sat., Aug. 28, with Asphalt and Vectralux. $10-$13. 8 p.m.

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