Dr. Mike Looney, superintendent of Fulton County Schools. (File/Evelyn Andrews)

Employees at all levels for Fulton County Schools will get raises, one-time payments or retention dollars in a mid-year budget change approved by the school board on Nov. 9.

Fulton County Schools will increase pay by 2.3 percent for eligible employees and raise the minimum wage to $16 an hour. The school board also authorized one-time payments or stipends to employees and administrators.

“The employees of this district are dedicated to educating our students, and this is our way of confirming our dedication to them,” School Board President Julia Bernath said.

The school district’s revenues are almost $20 million more than budgeted, and the school board agreed to a proposal that raises the minimum pay for all jobs. Food service workers, bus drivers, custodians, paraprofessionals, professional assistants, clinic assistants and parent liaisons are among the affected positions.

The 2.3 percent pay raise will be given to all eligible employees and paid by Jan. 30.

In addition to the pay increase, full-time employees will receive a one-time payment of $1,200 on Dec. 17. Part-time employees will get $600, and substitute teachers who work 20 days during the second semester will receive a one-time payment of $250 at the end of the school year.

Principals, executive directors and chief officer positions will be paid annual retention stipends ranging from $4,000 to $12,000 based on position and forecast through 2026.

“No other district faces the challenges in staffing that Fulton County Schools faces due to our geography,” Chief Talent Officer Ron Wade said.

Superintendent of Schools Mike Looney also had his contract extended for another year, through Nov. 9, 2024.

Bob Pepalis covers Sandy Springs for Rough Draft Atlanta and Reporter Newspapers.