Kristen Ledlow

Kristen Ledlow is perhaps best known for covering NBA and NBA Playoff games on TNT. She also anchors select NBA TV studio coverage during the season. Originally from Florida, she now calls Atlanta home. The 2021-22 NBA season marks her eighth year with Turner Sports. 

In advance of this month’s Winter Showcase and Cup Championship Games, we asked Kristen for her Top 5 experiences for sports fans in Atlanta.

① Atlanta United … anytime: Go! Simply put, there’s nothing like it. I credit Ted Lasso for piquing my interest, and our hometown team for solidifying my fandom.

② Braves at The Battery: Nothing beats a summer night at the stadium … aside from one in October, of course. I like to get to The Battery well before the game, then hang out well afterward! The facility is stunning, and (as you may have heard) the team on the field is pretty good, too.

③ Dream in College Park: Our city’s WNBA franchise now plays in its own Gateway Center Arena, with curated fan experiences available online. Why not grab a dozen friends (or teammates!) and create the tunnel for the team to run through?! Bonus if you buy tickets when Candace Parker’s in town! Given, I’m biased.

④ Hawks at the Highlight Factory: If you haven’t seen Ice Trae play, what are you waiting for?! This young team is soaring (get it?) and they’re creating a culture reminiscent of the ‘80s. (I wasn’t there, but I’ve been told…)

⑤ Top Golf on Tuesdays: Despite many nights at the range, my skill level is best described as “beginner.” Either way, nothing beats food, drinks, and friends blasting golf balls into the great beyond. To “top” it off, it’s half off!

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