Brookhaven adopted a resolution to designate Buford Highway as a cultural hub of the city. 

During the Brookhaven City Council’s Tuesday meeting, the council adopted a resolution to name the area of Buford Highway the “Buford Highway Cultural Corridor.” According to the resolution, the recommendation comes from the city’s Arts and Culture Master Plan. 

“The Arts and Culture Commission worked with staff to draft a resolution that recognizes Buford Highway as a unique, multi-diverse area of the city and celebrates its rich heritage,” said Planning and Zoning Manager Aronda Smith. “We strive to celebrate all culture and ethnic groups within the Buford Highway Corridor.”

The resolution names a few recommendations for the area from the city’s Arts and Culture Master Plan, such as installing gateway signs, holding an annual international festival, collaborating with local nonprofits such as We Love Buford Highway and the Latin American Association, and using areas along the Peachtree Creek Greenway for music and other programming. 

“This is something that I think Brookhaven should be very proud of,” said District 4 Councilmember John Funny. “This is yet again another effort that we’re stepping ahead to show that we are a welcoming city.” 

Correction: the organization formerly known as We Love BuHi has changed its name to We Love Buford Highway. This article has been updated to reflect that change.

Sammie Purcell

Sammie Purcell is a staff writer for Reporter Newspapers.