Seed Factory owner Rachel Baba (Photos courtesy seed factory)

For Seed Factory, the new year began with a new home. Since it opened 20 years ago, the Westside shop has offered a thoughtfully chosen collection of modern baby clothing, toys, books, furnishings, gifts and essentials, making it a favorite drop-in for local families.

Right time, right place

Rachel Baba, owner of Seed Factory, said that the time was right for her to act on what she wanted for her business — “a sense of intimacy with my customers and neighbors, ease of use with pull-up parking and that sense of peace and calm we work toward inside the shop. I wanted the move to be very intentional, and Trabert has those key ingredients.”

She explained that she has worked hard over the years to establish and grow her business and, along with all of her neighbors, grow the Westside. “I love this little shop and its community so much,” Baba said, “and we hope everyone enjoys the new spot.”

Customers seem to be right at home with the new location. “We have been excited to watch as families visit for the first time to see if the children notice the new space, and it makes me so happy to see them jump right in and enjoy the shop,” she added.

The move didn’t happen quickly; it began in November 2020, when Baba received a call from Randy and Courtney Talinski of Bungalow Classic, telling her that they planned to relocate their shop to Trabert in the spring — and they felt that the space next door would be a perfect fit for seed factory. 

“At the time I was unsure, since I still had a year on our lease and the course of the pandemic was so unknown,” Baba said. “But things like this have a way of falling into place. By March 2021, we had signed a lease and were prepared to make a move from our longtime spot to this new home.”

20th anniversary plans

In August, Seed Factory will mark 20 years of success. “We definitely plan to celebrate,” Baba said. “We’ll kick off the fun with a month full of giveaways but keep an eye on our website and social media as we get closer for more!”

Visit Seed Factory at 763-D Trabert Avenue in Atlanta. For more info, go to and @seedfactory.

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Kathy Dean

Kathy Dean is a freelance writer and editor based in metro Atlanta.