Another bruising campaign season is officially under way as candidates for statewide and congressional offices qualified for office last week.

The most high-profile race is for governor as incumbent Republican Brian Kemp must first face challengers from his own party, including former U.S. Senator and Trump favorite David Perdue. Whoever wins the primary will square off against Democrat Stacey Abrams in the November general election.

Party primaries are set for May 24 with runoffs set for June 21. The general election is Nov. 8.

Along with the statewide races, we’ve listed the candidates for each district in our metro coverage area. Candidate with (I) by their names are incumbents.

United States Senate
Democrats: Raphael Warnock (I), Tamara Johnson-Shealey
Republicans: Gary Black, Josh Clark, Kelvin King, Jonathan “Jon” McColumn, Latham Saddler, Herschel Walker
Libertarian: Chase Oliver

Democrat: Stacey Abrams
Republicans: Brian Kemp (I), Catherine Davis, David Perdue, Kandiss Taylor, Tom Williams
Libertarian: Shane Hazel
Independent: Al Bartell

Lt. Governor
Democrats: Erick Allen, Charlie Bailey, Tyrone Brooks Jr., Tony Brown, Kwanza Hall, Jason Hayes, Derrick Jackson, R. Malik, Renitta Shannon
Republicans: Burt Jones, Mack McGregor, Butch Miller, Jeanne Seaver
Libertarian: Ryan Graham

Secretary of State
Democrats: Dee Dawkins-Haigler, John Eaves, Floyd Griffin, Bee Nguyen, Michael Owens
Republicans: Brad Raffensperger (I), David Belle Isle, Jody Hice, T.J. Hudson
Libertarian: Ted Metz

Attorney General
Democrats: Jennifer “Jen” Jordan, Christian Wise Smith
Republicans: Chris Carr (I), John Gordon
Libertarian: Martin Cowen

Commissioner of Agriculture
Democrats: Winfred Dukes, Nakita Hemingway, Fred Swann
Republican: Tyler Harper
Libertarian: David Raudabaugh
Independent: Mollie “Mali” Beavers

Commissioner of Insurance
Democrats: Raphael Baker, Janice Laws Robinson, Matthew Wilson
Republicans: John King (I), Patrick Witt, Ben Cowart

State School Superintendent
Democrats: Currey Hitchens, Jaha V. Howard, James Morrow Jr., Alisha Thomas Searcy
Republicans: Richard Woods (I), John D. Barge

Commissioner of Labor
Democrats: William “Will” Boddie Jr., Thomas Dean, Nicole Horn, Lester G. Jackson III., Nadia Surrency
Republicans: Kartik Bhatt, Mike Coan, Bruce Thompson
Libertarian: Emily Anderson

Public Service Commission, District 3
Democrats: Shelia Edwards, Chandra Farley, Missy Moore
Republican: Fitz Johnson (I)

U.S. House District 4
Democrats: Henry C. “Hank” Johnson Jr. (I)
Republicans: Jonathan Chavez, Surrea Ivy

U.S. House District 5
Democrats: Nikema Williams (incumbent), Charlotte Macbagito, Valencia Stovall
Republican: Christian Zimm

U.S. House District 6
Democrats: Bob Christian, Wayne C. White
Republicans: Jake Evans, Byron Gatewood, Meagan Hanson, Blake Harbin, Rich McCormick, Paulette Smith, Mallory Staples, Suzi Voyles, Eugene Yu

U.S. House District 11
Democrat: Antonio Daza
Republican: Barry Loudermilk (I)

U.S. House District 13
Democrats: David Scott (I), Mark Baker, Shastity Driscoll, Vincent Fort
Republicans: Caesar Gonzales, Calina Plotky

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