Jack’s Poppin’ Pho

When Jack Louneoubonh launched @jacks_poppin_pho earlier this year, he wanted to showcase the simple, yet flavorful and versatile nature of Lao cuisine. He also wanted to bring along great hospitality.

Having come to America from Laos during the early 1980s, he remembers that even with the little that his family had, food was always a major bond that brought everyone together.

Pho is the Lao dish that represents what his pop-up is all about. Jack actually has been making pho at home for over 10 years. It was not unusual for 30-40 friends to show up. This is where Jack learned that his food could build community. 

Like Vietnamese pho, Lao pho is a hearty rice noodle soup that is served with beef, chicken or veggies. Lao pho is different from Vietnamese in its generous amounts of toppings and seasoning including fried garlic, crushed dried peppers, sugar and peanuts with Jack using beef kneecaps and oxtails to bring out what is a definitively unique flavor for the broth. 

Jack’s Poppin’ Pho regularly pops up around town. They are at Leyland Blue in Trillith most Tuesdays and at Little Cottage Brewery on Sept. 10. Check out our pop-up calendar to see all the places where they and other pop-ups will be in the coming weeks. 

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