Trade Talks USA — an independent platform that offers skilled trades education and training opportunities — has announced that it has been awarded a $250,000 grant by The Marcus Foundation.

The organization says that the grant from The Marcus Foundation will help to assist in its efforts. Specifically, it will help the organization to address the critical shortage of skilled trade workers in Georgia and nationally.

Trade Talks says it will address the shortage by introducing and educating students, veterans, career changers and educators about the variety of jobs and training opportunities in the skilled trades field.

Among these skilled trades occupations includes carpentry, electrical, HVAC, masonry, plumbing, roofing, entrepreneurship, etc.

“This major contribution will go a long way in helping us bridge the growing gap between the potential pool of skilled workers and the employers that so desperately need them,” said Dave McCulloch, Trade Talks Executive Director. “Last year alone, over 350,000 jobs were left unfilled in the construction trades due to the skilled workforce shortage and that number will only grow with the projected increase in building projects and as older skilled workers continue to retire from their respective fields.”

“Additionally, we are working hard to ensure potential tradespeople understand the quality of life the skilled trades offers. Many skilled trade jobs pay extremely well, often two to three times the minimum wage to start. Many trades professionals can make upwards of six figures with healthy signing bonuses. With the renewed focus and investment in our aging infrastructure, it’s an ideal time for any and all types of job seekers to get involved in the skilled trades.”

Trade Talks USA launched back in 2020. Since the organization’s inception, it has partnered with various industry and training providers. Among these partners are the Technical College System of Georgia, The Home Depot’s Path to Pro Program and more.

Through these partnerships, Trade Talks creates informative and educational tools/platforms.

These tools and platforms serve to show all of the various skilled trades career opportunities that are available. Videos, infographics and interactive path-building resources are some examples of the tools/platforms Trade Talks utilizes.

The organization’s goal is to connect people to entry-level jobs and lasting careers, according to Trade Talks USA.

In addition, Trade Talks USA also says that it also has educational resources geared towards educators and school counselors. These resources are available to help inform them about the changing technical college landscape for students.

To learn more about Trade Talks USA and its work in the skilled trades field, you can find that here.

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