Woodruff Arts Center to host TEDWomen conferences for next three years
Joining Atlanta Mayor Andre Dickens for the announcement are, from left, Woodruff Arts Center President & CEO Hala Moddelmog with Pat Mitchell, co-founder and editorial director of TEDWomen and WAC board member, and Monique Ruff-Bell, head of conferences at TED. (Photo by Ben Dashwood for Woodruff Arts Center)

TEDWomen — an annual conference from TED — has announced that Atlanta’s Woodruff Arts Center will host the conference for the next three years.

The TEDWomen conference is a yearly event that celebrates and embraces the power of women and girls to be both creators and change-makers.

After spending several years in California, Atlanta will host the conference through 2025. The first TEDWomen event in Atlanta will take place on Oct. 11-13, 2023.

“It’s thrilling to finally make the official announcement that TEDWomen is moving to Atlanta and the Woodruff Arts Center,” said Pat Mitchell, the co-founder and editorial director for TEDWomen, Woodruff Arts Center Board Member.

“The move is one that I have advocated for over a period of years, and which both the organizational and venue teams made possible. Going forward, I will be working closely with both the Woodruff Arts Center and the TEDWomen team to strengthen the conference’s ties to the community as we move thoughtfully towards making TEDWomen as inclusive and as important to Atlanta as we believe it will be.”

According to a press release, TEDWomen selected Woodruff Arts Center as its new home because of its commitment to accessible art and arts education, as well as its history of elevating talented women.

In addition, both organizations say that they are eager to inspire future generations across not only Atlanta, but the world as well.

“Since its inception, TEDWomen has amplified the voices of women and gender equality allies sharing transformative ideas, a goal we share with the Woodruff Arts Center,” Monique Ruff-Bell, Head of Conferences at TED, said.

“As one of TED’s flagship conferences and a media platform, TEDWomen is excited to make Atlanta our new home because of the city’s unique intersection of technology, media, arts, diversity, and culture.”

To learn more about TEDWomen, click here.

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