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After 50 years as a transit operator, Coy Dumas, Jr. is a familiar face to many Atlanta residents.

“He is on a first-name basis with his customers and they will tell you, he is not just the man who drives the bus, he is a mainstay in their community and part of the family,” said MARTA board chair Rita Scott. “Mr. Dumas represents the very best of MARTA and we celebrate his incredible career.”

MARTA is honoring Dumas this month for his 50 years of service as a bus operator.

“The most remarkable part of Mr. Dumas’s 50 years is the close relationship he has built and nurtured with the communities in west Atlanta,” said Scott.

Dumas, an Adamsville native, joined MARTA in 1972. Since then, he has safely transported more than 2.8 million passengers in and around the city of Atlanta. He currently drives Route 853 out of West Lake Station on the Blue Line.

“I have distinct early MARTA memories of Mr. Dumas from when I was new to Atlanta,” said MARTA planner Ryan VanSickle. “At the time, I was living in the GSU Village dorms, and had started regularly riding routes out of North Avenue Station. I recall a handful of times that I caught Mr. Dumas’s bus, with him in the crisp and complete full uniform, driver’s cap and all. It always made an impression and he was – as he still is – an absolute professional.”

With a spotless driving record, Dumas is a leader in his field.

“Anyone who’s driven a bus can tell you it is hard work. Mr. Dumas does it with a smile and a sense of pride that makes his customers and all who cross his path feel uplifted and inspired,” said MARTA general manager and CEO, Collie Greenwood. “I thank him for his incredible dedication and service and celebrate all he’s done for MARTA and for the countless people he’s mentored and customers he’s moved through metro Atlanta over the past 50 years.”

Dumas mentors countless other operators through his lead role in a mentorship program out of Perry Bus Facility.

MARTA service award

The board took time to recognize Dumas earlier this month at the November MARTA board of directors meeting.

The Dumas Family with the MARTA board of directors at the November board meeting. Supplied photo.

To ensure the community can be part of the celebration, the board unveiled a special bus with his image.

The celebration bus and numerous digital billboards will run for a month to celebrate.

Atlanta residents should keep their eyes peeled for the celebration bus.

MARTA also gave Dumas a 50-year service award and uniform patch. And, the city of Austell, where he works and lives, made a proclamation in his honor.

Dumas said he has no plans to retire just yet, but is “negotiating” with his wife about it. As long as God graces me, I’m gonna hang in here.”

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