Fire Station 5 is proposed for the intersection of Mount Vernon Road and Spalding Drive in Sandy Springs.

Sandy Springs City Council revoked a contract for the construction of a new Fire Station 5 due to cost escalations and awarded it to another contractor that had bid on the project.

Cooper & Co. originally bid just over $8 million to construct the new fire station at 7800 Mount Vernon Road but told the city it needed more money during a meeting on Oct. 12.

“A contract was not executed because Cooper and Co. indicated it would not be able to maintain the pricing described in its fee proposal,” Dave Wells, director of Facilities/Capital Construction and Building Operations, told City Council acting as the Public Facilities Authority on Nov. 15.

Cooper & Co. submitted a revised contract price of approximately $8.8 million in a meeting with city staff on Oct. 12, Wells said. Staff asked the company to review its pricing and provide the city with a firm cost with ideas for potential savings to bring the project back to its original pricing range. As the company’s pricing exceeded Reeves Young’s pricing, the staff asked the second company to also submit a best and final offer.

When the city received the latest offers, Cooper & Co. came in at $8.56 million with Reeves Young submitting an $8.4 million offer, which was lower than its original bid.

“With both offers being capable of completing the project an award to Reeves Young would allow a cost savings of $160,000 including escalation costs,” Wells said.

“Just one quick question: Has anybody communicated to Cooper and Co. that this is happening?” Councilmember John Paulson asked.

Wells confirmed the company had been informed.

City Council voted to revoke the Cooper & Co. contract and award it to Reeves Young.

Correction: A previous version of this story misattributed a quote made by City Councilmember John Paulson.

Bob Pepalis

Bob Pepalis covers Sandy Springs for Rough Draft Atlanta and Reporter Newspapers.