The countdown to Christmas has begun, and soon, many Atlantans will kick off the holiday season by purchasing a Christmas tree. Unfortunately, this special tradition leads to the unintended consequence of 33 to 36 million conifers cut down and shipped across the country each year to decorate American homes, stifling the trees’ environmental and climate benefits.

ServeScape, Atlanta’s largest digital Garden Center, is offering Atlantans a “Carbon Positive Christmas” this year by choosing live Georgia-Grown Christmas trees that can be planted in your yard or donated to a local park after Christmastime.  

Conifers, the quintessential American Christmas tree species, can sequester up to 10 kg of carbon dioxide equivalent per year. Yet, when these trees are cut, so too are their carbon sequestration potential and ability to serve as habitat for local wildlife species.

The most popular Christmas tree species are often native to the Northeast and the trees must travel long distances to sell in markets like Atlanta, adding to their environmental burden.

Instead, ServeScape partners with hyper-local tree growers to deliver live Christmas trees for all of metro Atlanta and Athens areas. To confirm if ServeScape delivers to your address, visit (and use the coupon code CUTCARBON for free delivery!).

ServeScape’s live Christmas trees come in several varieties and sizes, ranging from three feet to nine. Upon delivery, the tree can sit in its container through the holiday season and can be dressed in a tree skirt, ornaments, and lights. Simply water the tree whenever the soil feels dry to the touch. And by the way, a Georgia native evergreen will exude that same sappy pine perfume we look forward to each December.

After Dec. 25, plant your new tree in your yard or donate it to your local park to keep the tree and your holiday memories alive.

According to Mario Cambardella, founder of ServScape, “the act of planting something is one of the greatest steps that any citizen can do to reduce their carbon footprint.”

ServScape founder Mario Cambardella.

All ServeScape plants come with a recipe for success, including quick videos and how-to’s for easy planting. Plus, ServeScape will include a complimentary bag of compost with each live Christmas tree purchased to support planting.

“We want to offer Atlantans the opportunity to create new traditions with their family by planting their Christmas tree,” said Cambardella. “Joyous memories that will last forever.”

To learn more, visit or watch the team in action on HGTV’s Rock the Block 2 and 3 and Married to Real Estate with Atlanta’s Egypt Sherrod or Netflix’s Instant Dream Home

Savannah Seydel

Savannah Seydel is a freelance writer, environmental advocate, and Vice President of Sustainability at Better Earth, an Atlanta-based sustainable packaging company.