City Council approved sidewalk design services contracts including one that would fill the gap on another portion of Windsor Parkway, between Windsor Court and Dalmer Road. (File photo)

The Sandy Springs City Council has approved payment of a $550,000 settlement over additional costs for a sidewalk project.

A-1 was chosen by competitive bid with Granite as its contracted surety on the Brandon Mill sidewalk project, City Attorney Dan Lee told the council at its Dec. 20 meeting.

“Many of you remember the list of complaints that came from the poor workmanship,” he said. “This project was started some time ago, a bid price of $1,014,000. After only paying the contractor $110,000, staff made a very wise and crystal ball-like decision to remove the contractor because of safety concerns and complaints by the general public and just overall poor performance.”

Shortly after this removal and notification of the bond carrier, A-1 filed bankruptcy, which Lee said would ordinarily lead to payment from the bond company. But he said Granite refused and the city had to litigate in bankruptcy court to end the contract.

When staff rebid the contract, it ultimately cost the city $366,000 more than the original contract, Lee said.

“An offer has been made by the bonding company to pay that dollar figure and reimburse the city of $168,000 in attorney’s fees paid to Parker Hudson, who did an excellent job of litigating this in bankruptcy court and in the Northern District federal court to get us to this point,” he said.

The council approved the settlement agreement.

“Do we keep lists and let our contractors know that we don’t accept surety from people like Granite Surety Company?” Councilman Tibby DeJulio asked.

“It would be my recommendation that we never take a contractor who has Granite Surety. This was one of the worst cases I’ve ever seen,” Lee said.

The council also approved several sidewalk design services projects that will include sidewalk, curb and gutter, retaining wall, stormwater system, and associated improvements.

  • NV5 Engineers and Consultants was awarded a contract with its bid of $209,689 for design services for the Windsor Parkway sidewalk gap-fill project. Public Works Director Marty Martin said the project will encompass 2,440 linear feet, filling sidewalk gaps between Windsor Court and Dalmer Road.
  • NV5 Engineers and Consultants also won the contract with its bid of $160,675 for design services for the Riverside Drive sidewalk project. Martin said it will be a 1,610 linear feet project on the west side of Riverside Drive from the existing sidewalk at the I-285 interchange south to the Mt. Vernon Highway intersection.
  • A third design services project awarded to NV5 Engineer and Consultants was for the gap fill sidewalks project for its $154,125 bid. Designs will be drawn for five sidewalk gaps, including Windsor Parkway (940 Windsor Parkway to Peachtree Dunwoody), South Johnson Ferry Road (Existing Sidewalk to Brookhaven City Limit), Glenridge Drive (Messina Way to Existing Sidewalk at Spalding Trace), River Exchange Drive (3000 River Exchange Drive to Spalding Drive), and Allen Road (at Northeast Corner of Sandy Springs Circle intersection.
  • The city awarded Kimley-Horn and Associates the design services contract for the Lake Forrest sidewalk projects S2185/S2183 for a bid of $291,710. Martin said the city plans to construct an approximately 4,590 linear foot project from the city limit to Long Island Drive and from Long Island Drive to Mt. Paran Road.
  • Kimley-Horn also won the contract with its $246,590 bid to provide design services for the Mt. Paran Road and Powers Ferry Road (Rebel Trail to Carol Lane) Sidewalk Project: The public works director said this 4,450 linear feet project will provide a continuous sidewalk system along Mt. Paran Road from Rebel Trail to the intersection with Powers Ferry Road and on Powers Ferry Road from Rebel Trail to Carol Lane.

Bob Pepalis covers Sandy Springs for Rough Draft Atlanta and Reporter Newspapers.