Through its newest campaign, Tobacco-Free ’23, the American Lung Association has offered up pivotal reasons why Georgia residents should quit tobacco in 2023.

The organization says that health is the first major reason, with tobacco causing 11,690 deaths in Georgia every year, in addition to 16 million Americans having to live with tobacco-related diseases. The American Lung Association recommends quitting at any age, although it says that quitting as early as possible is best.

The second reason the American Lung Association offered up is that the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is planning to stop the sale of menthol cigarettes in the U.S. The lung health organization says that, in light of this news, that it would make for an optimal time for users of menthol tobacco products to pursue quitting.

Finally, the third reason why Georgians should quit smoking is to become an inspiration to others, according to the American Lung Association. The organization says that it will be relaunching its Super Stoppers Club, which is a series of inspirational stories of individuals quitting smoking permanently that are written by award-winning journalist Bob Levey. Georgians can submit their success stories here.

In addition to the reasons already listed, the organization also says that quitting tobacco will also save Georgians between $2,230 to $4,360 yearly.

Even though tobacco-use has been on the decline for decades now, the American Lung Association says that 15.8% of Georgians still smoke tobacco products to this day.

Michele Howell, the executive director for the American Lung Association in Georgia, says that while quitting is challenging, it can be achieved with help.

“Each year, quitting smoking is listed as one of the top New Year’s resolutions. While quitting smoking is extremely difficult, it is possible. In fact, it typically takes a person 8-10 attempts to quit smoking for good, which is why we call it a journey,” said Howell.

“It is important to have support during this process, including family, friends and your doctor, to help keep you on the right path.”

For more information on the Tobacco-Free ’23 campaign, or to find resources to help quit smoking, click here.

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