Fulton County Schools has no record of purchasing any Critical Race Theory (CRT) curriculum as claimed by an employee of Teaching Lab, a school district spokesperson told the Sandy Springs Reporter.

Project Veritas posted a video of Quinton Bostic, who was a content manager for Teaching Lab, in which he claimed to have sold CRT curriculum to the Fulton and Cobb County school districts on Jan. 17.

“We have no record of purchasing anything from Teaching Lab or this person, so there’s nothing related to their program or whatever in our system or that we purchase or anything like that,” FCS spokesperson Brian Noyes said.

The Cobb County School District also disputed the claim.

“The Cobb County School District has no record of purchasing any service or product from Teaching Lab or Quintin Bostic. We remain focused on teaching all Cobb County students the state-approved curriculum. CRT is prohibited by the state and is not part of Cobb’s approved curriculum,” a district spokesperson said.

Teaching Lab posted on its Facebook page a statement criticizing the editing of the Project Veritas video, but also disputing statements made by Bostic.

The nonprofit organization does not operate in Georgia, according to the statement, nor is CRT part of its professional teaching model.

“The views expressed by the employee in these recordings are not the views of Teaching Lab, and are inaccurate and regrettable. The employee has been placed on administrative leave pending further review,” the statement said.

Bostic’s bio page on the Teaching Lab website has been removed.

Noyes said FCS follows the state-approved curriculums found on the state’s website. CRT is not allowed to be taught in Georgia schools.

The following is the full statement from FCS on the claim:

“Recent video on the online outlet Project Veritas included statements by an individual, Quintin Bostic, claiming to have sold Critical Race Theory (CRT) curriculum in both Fulton and Cobb Counties.  Fulton County Schools has no record of purchasing any service or product from the company he worked for, Teaching Lab, nor Bostic.  We remain focused on teaching all Fulton County Schools students the state-approved curriculum.  CRT is prohibited by the state and is not part of FCS’ approved curriculum.”

Bob Pepalis

Bob Pepalis covers Sandy Springs for Rough Draft Atlanta and Reporter Newspapers.