National CSA Week is Feb. 20-26 and many metro Atlanta farmers are joining with CSA farmers across the country to celebrate by promoting CSA
(Community Supported Agriculture).

CSA is a farm membership system that allows consumers to sign up to receive a season’s worth of a farm’s products (veggies, eggs, meat, flowers, grain, etc.) over a number of weeks.

Along with getting to enjoy fresh, delicious, and local food, being a CSA member is an excellent way to support and get to know your local farmers.

When you sign up to become a CSA member, your financial support helps the farmers prepare for the growing season. You’ll enjoy high-quality, certified organic vegetables and flowers, as well as farm products from local producers including meat, eggs,
tortillas, rice, cheese, and milk — all while taking comfort in knowing where
and how your food was grown.

“Anyone who cares about the environment should want to support our local
farmers by subscribing to our CSA. It’s a win-win: you enjoy healthy, fresh,
nutritionally dense food regularly, while you support the farmer who takes
care of the land around you and your community,” says Judith Winfrey, one of
the five worker-owners at Love is Love Cooperative Farm.

Here’s a guide to some metro Atlanta CSA programs:

Atlanta Harvest

Cosmo’s Farm

Grow Where You Are

Love is Love Cooperative Farm

Mayflor Farm

Oxford College Farm

Rise ‘n Shine Farm 

Riverview Farm

Snapfinger Farm

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