10th Streett dog park
The first Pawty in the Park will be at 10th Street Park on March 18 from noon to 4 p.m.

Midtown Alliance will launch a free monthly mini-festival on Saturday, March 18, at the 10th Street Park to celebrate all things dog.

“Pawty in the Park” will be held every third Saturday of the month through October with food, a DJ, drinks, and games. Midtown Alliance has partnered with Punk Foodie to bring a chef-driven food pop-up each month, which will present gourmet hot dog creations, as well as the chefs’ most popular dishes.

For the inaugural Saturday’s event, the Punk Foodie curated chef will be Dave Mouche from Jackalope ATL, a veteran of the restaurant industry and well versed in Asian cuisine. The mission of Jackalope ATL is to share uncommon and lesser known dishes and flavors in a relatable format – like hot dogs.

Jackalope ATL will be the featured chef and will be serving a Chinese mapo chili dog (pictured) and a Mexican Sonoran dog.

Mouche’s menu on Saturday will feature a Chinese Mapo Chili Dog topped with spicy mapo tofu chili as well as a bacon wrapped Mexican Sonoran Dog (which you can’t find anywhere else in the city). In addition to the hot dogs, he will be serving Malaysian Rendang burger sliders and vegetarian kimchi cheese corn. 

And in addition to it being kinda cool to have gourmet hot dogs created by some of the hottest chefs in the city at a dog park, a hot dog also acts as an accessible and compelling canvas for chef creativity and different types of cuisine. Each chef will also offer two or three other dishes representative of their cooking as well as a plain hot dog for the less adventurous. The chefs will be using hot dogs from Fripper’s, the Atlanta based high quality sausage maker.

Why the focus on pop-ups? Called  ‘a defining force in Atlanta’s impressive food-and-beverage scene,’ the pop-up scene in Atlanta is a vibrant one and has captured the attention of diners with many of the city’s most prominent restaurants tracing their origin to starts as pop-ups, including Lazy Betty, Talat Market, Little Bear and James Beard award-winning Kamayan ATL. 

The details: 

Pawty in the Park at 10th Street Park on Peachtree Street 

Saturday, March 18, 12-4 p.m. (and every third Saturday through October)

RSVP to get two free drinks. 

Sam Flemming | Punk Foodie

Sam Flemming is the founder of Punk Foodie, the love letter, fanzine, and directory newsletter and Instagram account for the Atlanta underground dining scene.