Murphey Candler Park in Brookhaven.

Baseball season is in full swing at Murphey Candler Park, where the city has been repairing several underground leaks. Don Sherril, public works, said the department identified the issue with ground penetrating radar. A section of concrete will be cut to repair the pipe this week, Sherril said. 

The renovation of the Murphey Candler Park lake house has completed DeKalb County’s permitting process. The project will accept construction bids in April. 

Murphey Candler was just one of many park updates made this week. 

The pool at Lynwood Park is expected to open for the season on time, but the splash pad is still under construction due to a backorder on the equipment. Councilmember Madeleine Simmons said she is looking into an early opening of the splash pad at Ashford Park, at the request of residents.  

“Everyone uses the Briarwood pool and Murphey Candler pool because they are so affordable and convenient … to add another pool, especially when its so difficult to find private pools to join, is a huge benefit,” Simmons said.

Langford Park, a new greenspace in Brookhaven Heights, is opening in early May. The parcel was purchased from a family in 2019 with help from DeKalb County. Brookhaven used American Rescue Plan funds received during COVID-19 to develop a pavilion, walking trail, and playground.

Brookhaven purchased a four-acre lot at Duke Road and Tobey Road for $550,000 in 2023, and this week the greenspace was named Parkridge Preserve. The property “contains mature trees, a stream, wildlife, and native plants, and is a unique urban forest which is easily accessible for passive recreation and education purposes,” according to a memo.

In related news, the Easter Eggstravaganza is being held at Blackburn Park from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. on April 1.

Logan C. Ritchie writes features and covers Brookhaven for Rough Draft Atlanta.