Fireworks look pretty in the sky on the Fourth of July, but the loud noises and bright lights can cause panic for our pups.

Why are dogs afraid of fireworks?

Their sensitive hearing and heightened senses can create fear, stress, and anxiety. As you prepare for the fun of the holiday, keep reading about how to keep your dog calm through fireworks.

“O Say Can You See” Your Dog is Scared of Fireworks

During fireworks, your dog might show signs of fear and anxiety like excessive panting and drooling, trembling or shaking, hiding or seeking shelter, restlessness, and pacing. When this happens, it’s essential to stay calm and reassure your dog that they’re safe; extra hugs and belly rubs can help too. 

Make a “Home of the Brave” for Dogs, too

  • Set up a spot in your home where your dog can find comfort with their bed, toys, and familiar smells. 
  • Close doors, windows, and curtains to reduce the noise and lights coming into your home. 
  • Music also has a calming effect. Classical, instrumental, and even white noise in the background can help drown out the noise of the fireworks. 
  • Some dogs find relief with snug vests or shirts, which provide a constant, gentle pressure that helps reduce their anxiety and feels like a hug.
  • Consider natural remedies too. Houndswell’s Hemp Calming Aid is a natural supplement formulated specifically to support dogs during stressful situations like fireworks. Sold exclusively at Scenthound and made with high-quality hemp extract, it promotes relaxation and helps reduce anxiety in dogs. Remember to consult with your veterinarian before giving your dog any medicine. 
  • Distract your dog with play. You can use games or puzzle toys filled with treats to direct their attention away from the fireworks. 
  • Gradual exposure to fireworks sounds can help desensitize dogs over time. Start with low volumes and gradually increase the volume while providing positive reinforcement and rewards.

You know your dog better than everyone, so responding to their needs with love and care can help your pup find comfort on the Fourth of July.


Q: Why are dogs scared of fireworks?

A: Dogs are often scared of fireworks due to the sudden loud noises, bright flashes, and unfamiliar smells associated with fireworks displays. Their sensitive hearing and heightened senses can make the experience overwhelming and distressing for them.

Q: How can I help my dog stay calm during fireworks?

A: You can try several strategies to help your dog stay calm during fireworks, including creating a safe and comforting environment, using calming techniques such as soothing music or pressure wraps, distracting with activities or toys, and considering desensitization techniques over time.

Q: What are the signs of fear and anxiety in dogs during fireworks?

A: Dogs may exhibit fear and anxiety during fireworks, such as excessive panting and drooling, trembling or shaking, hiding or seeking shelter, restlessness, and pacing. Recognizing these signs can help you better understand your dog’s state of mind and take appropriate measures to help them.

Q: Can I give my dog medication to calm them during fireworks?

A: Your veterinarian is the best person to recommend and prescribe calming medication for your dog, ensuring the appropriate dosage and usage. While over-the-counter treatments like Houndswell’s Hemp Calming Aid may not require veterinary support, it is always safest to consult your veterinarian before administering any medication to your dog. 

Q: Are there any precautions I should take to keep my dog safe during the Fourth of July fireworks?

A: Yes, there are several precautions you can take to keep your dog safe during fireworks. Ensure they are indoors in a secure and quiet area, close doors and windows to minimize noise and visual stimuli, make sure they have proper identification (such as a collar with ID tags or a microchip), and avoid bringing them to fireworks displays where they may be exposed to loud noises and crowds.

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