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It appears Ken Zeff has defeated incumbent Michelle Olympiadis for the Atlanta Public Schools Board of Education District 3 seat, according to unofficial election results from DeKalb and Fulton counties.

Olympiadis was first elected to the board in 2017. Zeff is a former interim superintendent of Fulton County Schools and a first-time candidate.

Olympiadis got 1,130 votes for 34% in Fulton County after all precincts were recorded. Zeff garnered 2,193 for nearly 66% of the vote.

In DeKalb County, Olympiadis received 1,761 votes for 39% while Zeff had 2,724 votes, for 60%.

Total votes for Zeff = 4,917 for 63%

Total votes for Olympiadis = 2,891 for 37%



The District 7 at-large seat appears headed to a run-off between incumbent Tamara Jones and challenger Alfred “Shivy” Brooks, according to unofficial results from Fulton and DeKalb.

In Fulton County, Jones held onto a slight lead with 11,082 votes for 49%. Alfred “Shivy” Brooks garnered 10,422 votes for 46%. Third candidate William Sardin received just 4.65% of the vote.

In DeKalb County, Brooks received 50.72% of the vote with 2,342 ballots cast in his favor. Jones received 45% of the vote with 1,914 ballots. Sardin was far behind with 4%.

State law requires a candidate to win by 50% plus one.

Total votes for Jones = 12,996 for 48.2%

Total votes for Brooks = 12,764 for 47.3%



District 9 at-large incumbent Jessica Johnson appears to have held onto her seat over challenger Nikoyo Effiong Lewis.

Johnson received 9,772 votes for nearly 54% of the vote in Fulton while Lewis got 8,357 votes, or 46.1%.

In DeKalb, Johnson got 2,342 votes, or 53.2% with Lewis receiving 2,039 votes, or 46.7%

Total votes for Johnson = 14,441 for 54.5%

Total votes for Lewis = 12,075 for 45.5%

District 5 incumbent Erika Mitchell appears to have easily defeated challenger Raynard Johnson with 3,012 votes for 70% of the vote, according to Fulton County’s unofficial numbers. Johnson received 1,289 votes, for 30%.

District 1 incumbent Katie Howard did not have an opponent. She received 4,266 votes for 100% of the ballots cast, according to Fulton’s results.

Voters cast votes for just five of the nine seats on the Atlanta Board of Education in the Nov. 7 election. Before, all nine seats were up for election every four years.

In 2020, the school board decided to stagger terms to eliminate the possibility of an entirely new board being elected every four years.

In 2021, all nine board members ran for election but the new law said winners of odd-numbered districts would serve a two-year term.

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Dyana Bagby is a staff writer for Reporter Newspapers and Atlanta Intown.