Rough Draft Atlanta is partnering with Community Farmers Markets to let you know what’s in season at your local market. Each week, we’ll share a list of ingredients that are farm fresh as well as a couple of recipes including those products that you can try at home. 

Here’s what we’ve got for you this week: Citrus is here! Mandarins, sweet potatoes, apples, various pumpkins and gourds like candy roaster, butternut, pumpkin, and acorn squash, garlic, lettuces, bok choy, ginger, turmeric, carrots, turnips, radishes, arugula, kale, collards, microgreens, gourmet mushrooms like oyster and lion’s mane, herbs, bread, jams, pastries, eggs, beef, pork, chicken, duck, shrimp, smoked trout and salmon, pecans, honey, teas, apple cider, cocktail mixers, ghee, cooking oils, spice blends, nut butters, various flower bouquets.

Atlanta non-profit Community Farmers Markets (CFM) has been building community through farmers markets since 2011. Operating five weekly outdoor farmers markets and seven farm stands at MARTA stations is one of the strategies by which the organization addresses food access in Atlanta. CFM also offers educational programming in the community, financial incentives to make local food more affordable, and professional development for small businesses. See you at the farmers markets!

Southeastern Dolmas from Community Farmers Markets
Southeastern Dolmas from Community Farmers Markets

Southeastern Dolmas Recipe:


  • collard greens (any size)
  • sweet potato 
  • hakurei turnips 
  • garlic 
  • onion 
  • parsley 
  • sage 
  • wild rice 
  • safflower oil 
  • apple cider vinegar 
  • lemon 
  • salt & pepper 
  • sunflower & pumpkin seeds 


  1. I start by caramelizing my onions, adding garlic toward the end (with a little bit of white wine), and then cooking the rice dry with the onion and garlic for a few minutes on the stove before adding stock (or salted water, or miso – whatever you’ve got on hand) to bring to a simmer for the rice.
  2. Cook your rice and let cool. 
  3. Meanwhile, roast your sweet potato, let cool, and then dice. 
  4. Fold the rice and sweet potato together, adding in your herbs, seeds, and diced turnip, and then season to taste with oil, vinegar, lemon, salt and pepper.
  5. To wrap, blanch the collard greens in salted water brought to a boil in a pot. Just hold the stem and stir the leaf for all of a few seconds, or until the leaf brightens to an emerald hue. 
  6. Let cool on your cutting board, and then wrap as if preparing a little burrito or rice paper wrap. 
  7. Spoon out some filing, fold the sides in, and roll *away* from you. The collard will hold itself in place. Enjoy!
Sweet Potato Tahini Dip from Community Farmers Markets.
Sweet Potato Tahini Dip from Community Farmers Markets.

Sweet Potato Tahini Dip Recipe:


  • sweet potatoes
  • ginger
  • salt
  • cinnamon
  • cumin
  • tahini
  • olive oil
  • lemon


  1. Use 2-3 sweet potatoes. You can cook them any way you want! Just make sure they are completely tender! 
  2. Take skin off if you haven’t already, add in bowl with grated ginger, cinnamon, cumin- all to taste, squeeze of lemon, around 1/4 C tahini max, and a glug of olive oil. 
  3. Use your choice of masher or mixer and then top off with more olive oil. Use water to thin out potatoes and make it whippy-er! 
  4. If you boiled the sweet potatoes, you can reserve the water and use that to thin out the dip. Garnish with microgreens. 

The recipes for Southeastern Dolmas and Sweet Potato Tahini Dip can also be found on Community Farmers Markets’ Instagram.

Sammie Purcell is Associate Editor at Rough Draft Atlanta.