The following information was provided to the Reporter by the Sandy Springs Police Department from its records and is presumed to be accurate.

 Prostitution sting catches 8

Sandy Springs vice officers conducted a joint undercover Internet prostitution operation with the Atlanta FBI MATCH Task Force at a hotel April 1.

The detectives made four arrests of women for solicitation for illicit sexual acts, including one repeat Sandy Springs arrestee. Three men were arrested for solicitation for illicit sexual acts and one person was arrested for possession of marijuana.

The effort was among ongoing prostitution sting operations in Sandy Springs


Unit block of Northwood Drive 30342 – A woman reported that just before 1 a.m. March 28 she was standing outside her apartment, smoking a cigarette, when three young men came up to her, pushed her into a wall, threatened her and took her cell phone.


900 block of Cimarron Parkway 30350 – Someone entered an apartment through the patio door and stole a computer March 29.

2700 block of Spring Creek Lane 30350 – An apartment was broken into March 29, and several items were stolen. The victim thinks the thieves scaled the balcony and forced open a window to gain entry.

200 block of Trowbridge Road 30350 – A resident reported seeing a white Dodge Intrepid, occupied by two men, parked in the driveway of a vacant home March 30. One of the men hurriedly left the garage area after seeing the resident, and the car fled the area. Police found evidence of forced entry in the garage.

Grantley Court 30328 – Someone forced entry to a residence and stole several items March 30.

Monterrey Parkway 30350 – Someone forced open the front door of an apartment and took several items March 31.

Angel’s Walk 30328 – While responding to an alarm March 31, officers found that someone forced a door open and entered the home. It appeared that at least one television was taken.

500 block of Windsor Parkway 30342 – The residents reported that someone forced entry to the home through a window March 31. Taken were a television, a video game system and jewelry. It looks like someone tried to force the sliding door open but failed, then broke the adjacent window..

1200 block of Huntcliff Village Court 30350 – Someone entered an apartment early April 1 and took a video game system from the living room and $150 in cash from a wallet in the bedroom.


6300 block of Roswell Road 30328 – A store manager reported that during business hours March 28 someone accessed the back-office area and stole more than $400.

7700 block of Colquitt Road 30350 – A woman reported that her now-ex-boyfriend moved out March 29 and took the apartment keys with him.

600 block of Bridgewater Drive 30328 – Someone stole a pressure washer from a garage March 31.

Theft from vehicle

Items were stolen from vehicles broken into at the following locations:

• 5600 block of Roswell Road 30342, March 28.

• Unit block of Allen Road 30328, two vehicles, March 28.

• 700 block of Dalrymple Road 30328, March 28.

• 6000 block of Roswell Road 30328, April 1.


A woman reported that her boyfriend took a punch at her at their apartment but missed and punched a hole in the drywall

1000 block of Hammond Drive 30328 – A woman reported March 31 that while she and her boyfriend returned to the Homestead Suites from Cafe 290, the man hit her several times in the face for unknown reasons. He then fled.

Cedar Run 30350 – A woman reported March 31 that her boyfriend pushed her down, causing her to hit her head on the wall. She was slightly injured.


5800 block of Roswell Road 30328 – An officer passed by the parking lot of a bar March 28 and reported hearing a loud argument. He said he spoke to a couple and the woman seemed to be venting loudly. He let her talk awhile but realized she was drunk and becoming more belligerent. She said she was mad at the man because he was arrested for DUI the night before and couldn’t drive her home. The officer called a cab for her and told her to go home. She referred to the officer as, well, (^$*$^&), which of course means “Please take me to jail.” The man was released, and she was taken to the Doraville Jail.

1400 block of Windridge Drive 30350 – Officers were called to a domestic dispute March 28. The wife, inside the apartment, didn’t want her husband to come inside. While an officer was mediating the argument, he noticed marijuana on the kitchen table. Because the man was outside and the woman was inside, she was charged with a misdemeanor marijuana charge.

7800 block of Roswell Road 30350 – After a traffic stop March 28, a patrol officer found that the driver was wanted on a warrant in New York. He was arrested.

5900 block of Roswell Road 30328 – A man was arrested with a quarter pound of marijuana in his car March 29.

100 block of Sentinel Close 30350 – Officers went to a house March 29 looking for the owner, who was wanted on a Gwinnett County warrant. The owner wasn’t home, but his son was and had possession of several bags of marijuana. He was arrested. The father, who was in Florida, was contacted and advised of the arrest and the need to take care of the Gwinnett warrant.

Harbor Pointe 30350 – A woman reported being punched in the mouth by her boyfriend March 29. His car was spotted by an officer, and the man was arrested on a domestic-violence charge.

300 block of Northridge Road 30350 – Police arrested a man March 29 for smoking crack. Someone had called 911 to report seeing the man hanging around in a suspicious manner.

100 block of Northwood Drive 30342 – A woman reported March 30 that her husband took the TV from their apartment to sell it for crack cocaine. She intervened, and he punched her in front of their 4-year-old child. The man was later found and arrested on charges of domestic violence and cruelty to children.

Northridge Road 30350 – A man reported that another man was sitting in a car in front of his house. He said the man in the car had a gun — probably because the resident owed him $40. Police located and arrested the man, whose weapon was a BB gun.

A patrol unit received several calls reporting a white Ford driving up and down a street, screeching tires and being reckless. An officer found a parked car matching the description with two men inside. The officer noticed one of the men attempting to conceal a bottle of Admiral Nelson’s Spiced Rum. One of the men, in a failed attempt at humor or an exercise in dementia, asked the officer to bring him a beer. The driver was arrested for DUI.

I-285 near Riverside Drive 30328 – Police were called about a man walking along the Interstate. The caller said the man fell against the guardrail, then got up and kept walking. An officer found the man and tried to speak with him. The man was holding a large stick and ignored the officer’s request that he leave the area of  the Interstate. The officer asked for a backup car. When the car arrived, the officers more or less herded the man toward the ramp to get him away from the Interstate traffic. The man became defiant and aggressive. The officers used a Taser on the man, but during the scuffle the man charged the officers and hit one of them on the head with the stick. The officer was slightly injured but will be OK. The man was arrested and was taken to a hospital to be examined.

5900 block of Roswell Road 30328 – Officers received a call to a restaurant regarding a theft of services April 1. On arrival, officers saw a man running across the road, followed by several restaurant employees. The man ran behind Whole Foods, where police cornered him and took him into custody. He was drunk. He said he ate the food but ran out so he wouldn’t have to pay. He said his girlfriend had the money and wanted to spend it on crack cocaine. The employees said the man tried to pay with a debit card that was declined. He then punched one employee in the chest and another in the face before running. He was arrested.

People with issues

A man reported that an ex-girlfriend showed up at his home while he was there with a date. The ex was disruptive, and he called the cops, who showed up and told her to leave. She demanded to make a domestic-violence report concerning an incident two years ago.

500 block of Northridge Road 30350 – A man called the police March 30 after he refused to let his girlfriend into the apartment. He said she was doing drugs. She kicked in the front door, so he locked himself in the bedroom because he was afraid she would hurt him. Police arrested the woman .

6400 block of Peachtree-Dunwoody Road 30328 – Police answered a fight call in the Home Depot parking area. The caller said a woman was jumping on the hood of his car and was running around after biting him on the arm. The woman apparently slashed the man’s tires and damaged the hood of the car before running off. She was found and detained. At first she blamed her mother for the hood damage, but she later admitted responsibility. She was arrested.

5400 block of Glenridge Drive 30342 – A woman reported that she pulled into her apartment area March 31 and, while exiting her car, observed a man in another car fondling himself while looking at another woman. An officer spoke to the man, who denied the accusation and said the woman was mad because he followed her car through the security gate.