A woman was placed in handcuffs during a DEA search of KC Pit BBQ in Sandy Springs. Photos and story by Amy Wenk.

The KC Pit BBQ in the Sandy Springs North Plaza, 6317 Roswell Road, was searched by federal agents and Sandy Springs Police on June 17.

Sandy Springs Police spokesman Steve Rose said the Drug Enforcement Agency was the leading agency and was carrying out a search warrant for the business as well as a house in Grogan’s Bluff “that probably belonged to the owner.” The warrant was related to a drug investigation, he said.

The DEA confirmed it was an ongoing investigation and had no further comment.

The officers of the corporation KC Pit, Inc. are CEO Jiles Johnson and CFO Shannon Johnson, according to records from the Georgia Secretary of State.

A home at 8345 Grogans Ferry Road is listed as owned by Shannon Johnson, according to Fulton County tax records. Mayor Eva Galambos confirmed police activity at the house, which she said actually isn’t located in Grogan’s Bluff.

Linda Som, who works at Sandy Springs Nails adjacent to KC Pit BBQ, said two men in green jumpsuits, undercover detectives, U.S. Marshalls, SWAT officers and local policemen arrived at the restaurant about 10 a.m.

By noon, half the parking lot of the shopping center was roped off with yellow police tape.

Officers searched the building and a trailer that was in the parking lot. Restaurant employees were asked to remove boxes and kegs from the trailer.

Employees of KC Pit BBQ emptied a trailer as federal agents and local cops searched the restaurant.

One woman was placed in handcuffs.

“They haven’t told us anything,” Som said. “I want to know what’s going on. I eat there all the time.”

Another witness, Ivan Roberts, who works at the BB&T bank, said he heard that police cars were parked behind the Trader Joe’s in Sandy Springs Plaza at around 7 a.m. on June 17.

“It’s wild,” Roberts said. “I watched it for a while. I thought something crazy was going on.”