Charlie Loudermilk

Charlie Loudermilk, founder of the Buckhead Coalition and Buckhead-based Aaron’s Inc. and the man many refer to as “Mister Buckhead,” suffered a heart attack Jan. 3 and was released from Piedmont Hospital to return home on Jan. 12.

Loudermilk’s son, Robin said his 84-year-old father suffered the heart attack as he was walking through the Buckhead Theatre, which he owns and has spent millions of dollars renovating over the past few years. The son, CEO and president of Aaron’s Inc., reported Jan. 5 that his father had been taken off a ventilator and was “making progress.” It was the elder Loudermilk’s first heart attack. “it was minor as far as heart attacks go,” his son said.

He added that the doctors have said “there apparently was no serious damage and they do expect pretty much a full recovery.”

The elder Loudermilk is reported to be recuperating at home and will go through a couple of months of rehabilitation procedures at his home. He is said to be “in good spirits, feisty and already eager to get back to work.”

John Schaffner was founding editor of Reporter Newspapers.