To the editor:

On Oct. 12 at 4:30 p.m., I was walking out to my car in the driveway when I spotted what looked like a large, spooky- looking dog in my yard.

I thought, “That’s odd. Normally a domestic dog would not lay down in a strange yard, look around, take a nap and look around again.”

I pulled out my iPhone to try to take a picture, but it was just too far away. Then I tried the video on the phone and again too far away. I videotaped for probably 30 minutes.

Then I went inside and got my big camera with the telephoto lens.

That’s no dog – that’s a coyote. We have a neighborhood email list that lets everyone know if anything happens. I sent an email out when I saw a pack of four in our backyard a couple of years ago. The neighbors are always appreciative of the alerts.

I figure the coyotes travel up and down Long Island Creek. We live just off Long Island Drive inside the Perimeter.

They are still around. I heard the pack last night about 10 p.m.

Laura Edwards