To the editor:

I have been a victim of eminent domain in another Georgia county where a road was “needed” for suspect reasons — a road now only lightly traveled, except for Saturday during the University of Georgia football season.

Did I miss a vote by the citizens of Sandy Springs on whether we wanted a magnificent municipal complex on Roswell Road? Could this “upward of $100 million” project cited by Mayor Galambos be an ego trip for our city officials?

I don’t know, but I was appalled by the mayor’s comments regarding the city’s intent and attitude in the Sandy Springs Reporter of June 28-July 11.

Eminent domain is a travesty against citizens and property rights. What is the overbearing public need for a huge city block project that has not been voted on by the citizens it is to serve? Imagine it is you whose property is being taken for such a comparative pittance and against your wishes.

Sara Eads