The following reports are dated Aug. 11 through Aug. 24.

The following information was provided to the Buckhead Reporter by the Zone 2 precinct of the Atlanta Police Department from its records and is presumed to be accurate.


700 block of Sidney Marcus Boulevard, NE – A rape was reported on Aug. 24. A woman was inside a vehicle when she asked her boyfriend to pull into the apartment complex so she could use the bathroom.  She got out in front of building No. 6 and walked to the rear of the building, past a wooded area.  She went behind a lower stairwell to urinate and saw a man walking behind her.  As she was about to lift up her dress, the man pulled a handgun from his right side, demanded her phone and anything else she had. She gave the suspect her phone, and the suspect demanded she perform oral sex as he held the gun to her head.  The suspect then penetrated the victim, according to police reports. The suspect was startled by a dog barking, and ran toward the wooded area.  The victim’s boyfriend drove her from the location.


3100 block of Maple Drive, NE – An aggravated assault was reported on Aug. 13.  A man and a friend were talking loud in an apartment alleyway when the victim asked him to keep the noise down.

The suspect walked up to the victim and punched him in the face, causing abrasions and a bloody nose.  The victim was transported to Piedmont Hospital, and it was confirmed his nose was broken.  The suspect was highly intoxicated, not alert and transported to Grady Hospital.

2000 block of Peachtree Road, NW – An aggravated assault was reported on Aug. 15. A verbal argument occurred between the victims, a man and woman, and the suspect. The suspect attempted to hit one victim with his gun. The gun fired, and a bullet grazed the man’s ear and also hit the woman in her leg. The victims were not very cooperative. The suspect left the scene before police arrived.

2100 block of Bolton Road, NW – An aggravated assault was reported on Aug. 15. A father and son had a verbal altercation when the son tried to get something to drink from the kitchen.  The father became

aggressive, confronted his son, and used a sharp piece of metal to cut his son once on each forearm, causing two, six-inch lacerations. The son ran to another location, called police, and the father was arrested at the apartment.

2220 block of Bolton Road, NW – An aggravated assault at a store was reported on Aug. 18. A woman said her boyfriend attempted to throw a bottle at her after telling him he could not take their daughter for an outing.  The bottle was not thrown, a physical altercation did not occur, and the suspect was not on the scene.

2100 block of Peachtree Road, NE – An aggravated assault was reported on Aug. 20.  As a man was coming out of a restaurant, another man got out of a gray Dodge Charger and pulled out a gun. When the victim ran back into the restaurant, the other man shot him in the buttocks. He then shot twice more into the restaurant. There were two more men in the vehicle. They fled the scene in the vehicle.


1700 block of Northside Drive, NW – A commercial robbery was reported on Aug. 13. Two men with bandanas on their faces entered with handguns, and demanded the contents from the victims’ pockets. Once they took the victims’ property and placed it into a purse or bag they were carrying, they forced the victims into the rear of the business and threatened to shoot them if they came out. Later, when the victims came out of the room, the suspects were gone.

500 block of Main Street, NE – A commercial robbery was reported on Aug. 17. Two men entered the business with handguns, and stole the victims’ cell phones and money. As they were leaving the location, a MARTA officer walking past spotted them walking down the sidewalk. The suspects ran away from the location; one was caught a short distance away and the other got away. Cell phones and money were recovered.


600 block of Norfleet Road, NW – A residential burglary was reported on Aug. 11. The front door was found unlocked and rear doors found open.  A desktop computer, three cameras, two watches, a Blu- ray DVD player and two flat screen TVs were taken.  A witness saw three or four young men standing outside a blue, newer model Jeep Liberty, which was backed into the victim’s driveway.  The victim did not call police because the men did not seem nervous and were not doing anything suspicious at the time.

3600 block of Peachtree Road, NE –A burglary at a church was reported on Aug. 13.  A man broke the window pane on the rear door, entered, and stole silverware (knives, forks) and food.

900 block of Winall Down Road, NE – A residential burglary was reported on Aug. 17. The victims reported returning home to find the back door unlocked and an open window in the master bedroom. They said most of the jewelry ($50,000) and electronics were missing.

1800 block of Marietta Boulevard, NW – A commercial burglary was reported on Aug. 20.  A woman said that her storage unit had been broken into, and one surround sound system, $2,000 worth of clothing and art work was taken. There was no sign of forced entry.


3500 block of Peachtree Road, NE – A larceny from a department store was reported on Aug. 12.  A man entered and asked to try on a watch valued at $21,600. Once he placed the watch on his wrist he looked around, then ran out of the store.

1200 block of Westminster Walk, NW – A larceny from a residence was reported on Aug. 13. A man said an employee of the company hired to remodel his home took an expensive bottle of wine from his wine cellar.

2400 block of Ridgewood Road, NW – A larceny was reported on Aug. 15. A man said the British Consulate in NY mailed him a UPS priority package that was supposed to contain seven passports, two birth certificates and a marriage certificate. When he retrieved the package from his mail box, the package was open and the passports were missing.

1300 block of Collier Road, NW – A commercial larceny was reported on Aug. 15. The reporting person returned to work and saw someone had driven through the green, portable fence and had taken the company’s trailer full of aluminum, valued at $14,000.

2300 block of Cheshire Bridge Road, NE – A larceny from a specialty store was reported on Aug. 16. Three men put 27 Dove soap packs, 61 Dove body wash packs, 11 soap packs and six Oil of Olay body wash packs into Glad shopping bags, then ran out of the store and fled in a white 2013 Dodge Durango.

1800 block of Howell Mill Road, NW – A larceny on the street was reported on Aug. 19. A man was walking in the parking lot between two restaurants when he was forcefully bumped by another man who snatched $80 from his hand and entered a dark Ford Expedition driven by a woman.

200 block of 26th Street, NW – A larceny was reported on Aug. 19. A woman said on June 16, 2011, she put a suitcase, hair dryer, brush and comb set, easel, a pastel box and a set of pastels in the hallway, in front of her apartment door, while she cleaned inside.  She noticed the items were missing when she opened her door.  She said she reported the incident to building management, but not to police, and needed a report for insurance purposes.

1000 block of Angelo Court, NE – A larceny at a residence was reported on Aug. 19. A man said he had a written contract for the home he worked on, but was not in agreement with the homeowner on the cost of the project and work that was completed.  He said he left two Husky 18” rolling tool totes containing tools inside a storage room in the homeowner’s basement before he went out of town.  When he returned, the bags of tools were not with the rest of his equipment.  The homeowner said the man was fired, and did not know which bags the victim was referring to.

3000 block of Lenox Road, NE – A larceny from a residence was reported on Aug. 19. A woman said she hired help to clean out her closets on Aug. 16. On Aug. 17, an appraiser came over to update the portfolio, and saw that a diamond ring, three necklaces, and three pairs of earrings were missing, totaling $67,000.

1900 block of Piedmont Road, NE – A larceny from a store was reported on Aug. 19. Two rare chairs made out of red pony hide and valued at $6,000 each, were noticed missing from the showroom floor.  An employee said the chairs may have been taken from the left side of the store, adjacent to the left side entry/exit door, while a sales associate was distracted.

500 block of Northside Circle, NW – A larceny was reported on Aug. 20. A woman was in a rental vehicle with her male friend and as they pulled onto the street, she realized she’d forgotten something and asked him to turn around.  She said he was annoyed, but he turned around anyway, and when she got out of the vehicle, he sped off with her belongings still inside.  A Samsung Galaxy Note 2, a purse with debit and credit cards, keys to a car, house and studio, and a UBS thumb drive were taken.  A third party heard her scream and called 911.

2600 block of Bolton Road, NW – A larceny was reported on Aug. 22. A man walked up to a woman and grabbed her by the arm. When she tried to run away he took her sandals and ran away from the location.

1900 block of Hollywood Road, NW – A larceny from a residence was reported on Aug. 24. The chain securing a fence was cut.  A car muffler system, weed whacker, ladder, rim, car jack and a portable computer power supply unit were taken from the yard.

Larceny from Auto

2200 block of Dunseath Avenue, NW – A larceny from an auto was reported on Aug. 19.  The front passenger window was broken.  One dollar in pennies was taken from the middle console.

1900 block of Kilburn Drive, NE – A larceny from an auto was reported on Aug. 20. A woman said her 2010 Toyota Prius was broken into and a brass Yamaha trumpet was stolen.

Auto Theft

2500 block of Piedmont Road, NW – An auto theft was reported on Aug. 18. A man said his vehicle, a 2007 burgundy Dodge Charger, was stolen by a random guy he picked up on the street.  He said the suspect told him he was going to give him a good deal on some electronics at Best Buy. The victim said once they were at the location, he left the suspect inside the car with the keys in the ignition. He said the suspect left the scene shortly thereafter with the vehicle.

3400 block of Lenox Road, NE – An auto theft was reported on Aug. 20. A man said his 2004 BMW 23i was stolen. Several items were inside, including 100 rounds of .380 ammo, 200 rounds of .40 cal ammo, 10 rounds of .410 ammo, 10 rounds of .45 ACP ammo, an umbrella, one Calvin Klein jacket and one survival kit.

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