To the editor:

Come on down, Tom!

As a constituent of Congressman Tom Price, I drove from Brookhaven to Milton for his recent Town Hall. As I panned the high school auditorium, I was struck that I could count on just two hands the people of color.

Price began by addressing the national debt without mention of our now paying for two unfunded wars. He then proceeded to rip Obamacare apart, and proposed an alternative HR 2300, which I find he introduced only last June and has little to no chance of even making it out of committee.

Most of the attendees were there to impeach the president and send undocumented residents back to Mexico. They even showed the congressman total disrespect at his suggestion of immigration reform.

The tone was overtly racist; they shouted out, defying the preset process of having Price choose questions from a bowl. Most disturbing was that Price did nothing to dissuade them; at one point encouraging a disruptive woman by directing his assistant to find her question in the bowl while a black woman’s question from the floor was then disregarded.

One bit of encouragement was that when support for universal background checks for gun sales was asked, there was measurable applause, showing wide support on both sides of the political divide. Of course, Price gave the standard NRA response. What happened to the will of the people, congressman?

I encourage everyone to sign up for Congressman Price’s newsletter and keep up with his activities, and I strongly urge Tom to “come on down” to his newly redistricted turf for his next Town Hall to hear more diverse views.

Lissie Stahlman