Brookhaven has two City Council members who are up for re-election this year.

Jim Eyre, who represents District 2, and Joe Gebbia, who represents District 4, are running unopposed for a second term. Their first terms were only a year long, beginning with the start of the city in December.

By law, candidates must disclose to the Georgia Government Transparency and Campaign Finance Commission how much they have raised and who contributed to their campaigns, as well as how much they have spent. The last report was due Sept. 30.

To date, Eyre has received $2,362.34 in campaign contributions. He hasn’t yet spent any money.

Gebbia has raised $28,036 and spent $28,023.

“That’s been since the day of inception and prior to the campaign,” Gebbia said. The majority of his funds have gone toward consulting fees. “There’s things like maintaining your web page.”

Among contributions to Gebbia’s campaign is $1,200 from attorneys with the law firm Coleman Talley. Tom Kurrie of Coleman Talley was appointed Oct. 8 to serve as interim city attorney following the resignation of Bill Riley.

“They contributed last year and individually this year. It’s their legal right and ability to do so. I welcome it,” Gebbia said. “I listed everybody, including those who gave less than $100, for full disclosure.”

Gebbia said the contributions did not influence the appointment of the city attorney.

“My vote cannot be bought,” Gebbia said. “Coleman Talley was selected because they were the next best option for the city to take.”