Sutton robotic students
The Sutton Robotic Teams, front row, left to right, Shumir Siddigui, Ansley Booth, Maddie Peckham, Kourtland Tate, Wyatt Kopcha. Second row, David Hur, Harrison Head, Zion Bowles, Alec Gladkov, Garrett Grainger. Third row, Ethan Roman, David Shipps, Neghasi Middleton , Ethan Levy, Nicholas Mazzeo. Fourth row, Trey Lydon, Osaze Tisdale, Mitchell Hebner, Zachary Lloyd, Carsen Miller. Fifth row, John Czabala, Ranier Truesdale, Rishab Jayanthi.

Sutton Middle School’s Robotic Teams placed eighth of 35 teams at the UGA State Robotic Competition in Athens on Feb. 1. The Sutton Cougar Robotic Teams were the only Atlanta Public School team to advance to the state competition.

The school’s teams were created in 2011 by Kameelah Chase, a business education teacher who says she wants the students to learn via real-world applications. Chase earned the Coach’s Award during the competition. The team also won a number of awards in the state competition.

During the meet, members competed in real-world problem-solving challenges that face inventors, scientists, engineers and mathematicians. This year’s challenge focused on finding an innovative solution to solving natural disasters.

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