To the editor:

Like many residents of Brookhaven, Buckhead, Dunwoody and Sandy Springs, I use Ga. 400 several times a week. Thanks to Gov. Nathan Deal, this commute keeps improving.

Ga. 400 commuters now enjoy a cheaper trip. The toll plaza between the Lenox and Glenridge exits is gone.

In 2010, when he first ran for governor, Nathan Deal pledged to end the toll. Some observers dismissed this promise as unlikely to be fulfilled. After all, that same year the state of Georgia announced it would extend the collection of 50 cents per trip and renege on its original promise to end the toll when the original bonds to construct Ga. 400 were paid off.

One stated purpose for the 2010 toll extension was to add connections to the junction of I-85 and Ga. 400, enabling southbound Ga. 400 commuters to go north on I-85 and southbound I-85 commuters to head north on Ga. 400. That project was completed earlier this year.

Gov. Deal kept his promise to end the toll. To do so, his administration carefully managed resources to achieve a 2013 payoff of the 2010 bonds that funded the I-85/Ga. 400 interchange project, four years earlier than 2017 maturity date of these bonds.

This does not mean that projects to relieve congestion along the Ga. 400 corridor will come to a screeching halt. To the contrary, less than one month ago Gov. Deal announced that a major interchange revamp will occur at the junction of I-285 and Ga. 400. All funding for this project has been identified. It will become reality over the next few years.

The toll is gone. The interchange at I-85 and Ga. 400 has been upgraded. The interchange at I-285 and Ga. 400 is certain to be upgraded. Gov. Deal is working hard to make our commute on Ga. 400 faster, cheaper and better. His careful management of transportation priorities has made all the difference for our north metro communities.

Rep. Mike Jacobs

Georgia Rep. Mike Jacobs (R-Brookhaven) represents District 80, which includes portions of Brookhaven and Sandy Springs.

5 replies on “Letter to the Editor: Ga. 400 commute now better”

  1. Wow! Really??? My wife just sent this to me with the note: This man must be delusional. I don’t use GA400 everyday, but she does. And I can tell you with certainty that the commute is much worse on GA400 simply because of the increased volume. Using her frustration and number of “I’m going to be late” phone calls, I can pinpoint the paradigm shift to the elimination of the toll. The other thing not mentioned above is the only reason the toll was eliminated was to try to get votes for the TSPLOST (a TAX) that was overwhelmingly defeated.

    So why would this delusional man make this “ode to GA400” and Nathan Deal? Oh, that’s right: He’s just another politician, too. What a pitiful and transparent attempt to curry (or repay) a favor.

  2. And thanks to Gov. Deal- millions of tax payer monies were put into those ridiculous toll lanes on 85 that nobody uses. Now is is wasting more money to expand this unpopular plan on 75. Vote for Carter and stop this nonsense!

  3. First Republican Representative Mike Jacobs makes a false claim about traffic improving on GA 400 when in fact it is worse.

    Second Republican Representative Mike Jacobs makes the false claim that adding pavement can reduce traffic congestion when in fact when its done without proper development controls it just leads to more cars and more congestion

    Third Republican Representative Mike Jacobs gives Deal Credit for this? And Credit for using scarce tax dollars to fix the 400/285 interchange when the toll money should have been used?

    Fourth Republican Representative Mike Jacobs has sent out emails and written letters saying Gov Deal is responsible for DeKalb County School’s budget surplus????? Ignoring that taxes have been increased on homeowners because of increased valuations. And that though DeKalb Schools raised the millage rates when values were declining they did not lower them when the values went back up. That is a Good thing Gov Deal did?

    Fifth and most importantly by misleadingly supporting Gov Deal Republican Representative Mike Jacobs supports ethically challenged elected officials. Deal was forced out of congress because of the ethics investigation. Deal was investigated by GA ethics investigators for improper payments to a plane ownership partnership that he had an indirect interest in. And then Deal fired the GA ethics investigator. Deal sold his junkyard for 3 million to a company that owes the state 27 million.

    This state is not helping itself by being run by only 1 political party. Could it be a reason we have the highest unemployment rate and are near the bottom on educational standards?

  4. Jacobs has just lost my vote. Supporting a corrupt clown like Deal and the crazy money being spent on roads shows he has no ethics and no concern for Brookhaven residents.

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