Nancy Jester (R)

Occupation: Actuarial Consultant

Elective offices held: DeKalb County Board of Education, District 1; 2011 to 2013

Community service experience: Governor’s Advisory Council of School Board Members, 2012; Chair, Hawthorne Foundation 2010; Hawthorne Elementary School Council Member and Chair 2008-09, 2009-10; Elder, Shallowford Presbyterian Church.

Why should the voters choose you for this position?

The voters should choose me because I am the only candidate with a record of providing competent financial stewardship, integrity and accessibility as an elected official. I will work to reduce the size and cost of DeKalb County government while improving the quality of services for citizens. I am dedicated to improving the quality of life throughout District 1 and DeKalb. You will hear from me often, through emails, social media and town hall meetings. Electing me will bring a new level of transparency, disclosure and accessibility to the people that live in District 1.

What is the biggest issue facing the constituents you seek to represent?

The government and public institutions in DeKalb have lost credibility and the confidence of the constituency of District 1. The first step in repairing this issue is to lead by example. I will provide a new level of disclosure and accessibility. I am committed to putting an on-line check register on my website so that citizens can see, in real-time, when their Commission office spends taxpayers’ money. I will provide credible analysis of the financial situation in DeKalb. I will be accessible and listen to the constituents of District 1.

What’s the first thing you hope to accomplish after taking office?

I will be cleaning house and clearing the air from Day One. I will immediately begin working on the items I mentioned in Question 2, to restore credibility and confidence in the commission office for District 1. I also believe there is an urgent need to address the failures within the Watershed Department, examine liabilities, and reduce the overall size of county government.   And again, I want to reiterate that I will be accessible and listen. The citizens of District 1 have been ignored for too long.

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