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House Republican leaders on Wednesday unveiled a transportation revenue plan that would raise about $1 billion a year with $100 million set aside for transit.  According to the AJC, the plan, which will be introduced as legislation Thursday, would shift the state completely away from a sales tax on gas to a 29.2 cents per gallon excise tax. It would eventually end the local sales tax on gas, while allowing counties and cities to levy their own excise tax. Electric and alternative-fuel vehicle owners will have to pay an annual $200 user fee ($300 for commercial vehicles) with that money being designated for transit.

The City of Decatur was one of seven local governments to be recognized by the Atlanta Regional Commission (ARC) for leadership in implementing policies and practices that contribute to efficient and sustainable use of resources in metro Atlanta. The city became the first jurisdiction in the 10-county region to achieve Platinum level as a Certified Green Community, the highest certification level. Read more about Decatur’s efforts at The Decatur Minute blog.

The City of Atlanta Municipal Court has launched a warrant amnesty program. The one-time program will offer individuals who face arrest, and other penalties due to delinquent traffic, city ordinance, or misdemeanor violations, the opportunity to clear past violations without additional court penalties. Under the program, contempt fees for a past failure to appear will be waived and the outstanding warrant will be cancelled. The amnesty period will run Feb. 2 through March 27, 2015. Read more about it at this link.

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